Friday, May 22, 2015

Crib Bumper Pads and Other Random Finishes

Lot's going on around here...

We're looking forward to a visit from our son and baby grandson this weekend, so we pulled the old crib down from the attic and bought a new mattress for it. I couldn't find bumper pads so I made some. Ta-dah, they're finished.
New crib bumper pads

Today I'll wash the new crib sheets I bought and finish getting it ready.

In Wednesday's Work-in-Progress post I showed where I matched the print. You can see the seam in this photo:
Matched seam

Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts asked if I'd write a tutorial on how I matched the print. I will, but it'll have to wait 'til after June 2 because I have much too much going on around here between now and then.

I mentioned in my goals for May that I needed to make some beach bag accessories. We went to our favorite beach on the Gulf coast last week. Our beach bag is a great size and is fairly water and sand resistant, but it has only one little pocket inside. We needed something to accommodate two pairs of glasses, two phones, keys, etc. I bought a zipper pouch of the same material and color as the beach bag, and I made some accessories to protect the phones and glasses:
Glasses & phone cases

L to R above: DH's glasses case, my phone case, DH's phone case. These little accessories were quick & easy to put together, but they'll keep our stuff from banging around and getting scratched or worse in the beach bag. We used them during our trip last week and they worked out great. Here's a happy vacationer:
On the beach at Perdido Key FL

Since we got home, we had some scheduled work done on the house. This house is 30 years old (we're the original owners) and the front landscaping was looking, um, past it's prime.  The crew came Wednesday and yesterday and replaced the landscaping in the front.  They also added some additional rocks around the dogwood tree and re-aligned the existing rock wall. We kept an azalea and a Japanese red maple but all the other plants were replaced. We're pleased with how it turned out.
New landscaping, left
Added rock around dogwood
New landscaping, center
New landscaping, right
Next up, laundry today. That's enough for this week! Then a family birthday party Sunday and DS & CJ's visit.
I still have lots to do for next week - clearing out so carpet installers can move furniture and install new carpet in three rooms on our first floor. Lots going on this month! Being retired is wearing me out!  ;-)

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  1. Congratulations on getting all the binding done for the bumpers! Your landscaping looks great, and I hope you had a great weekend visit. :)