Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Stash Report and Goals Update

Stash Report:

May IN: 6 yards (purchased for crib bumper pads)
May OUT: 16-7/8 yards (H2H Backing - 1-1/4;  Gramercy Backing to quilter - 5;  H2H Binding - 3/8;  Collection Challenge Plus top - 5-1/2;  Crib bumpers 4-7/8)
May Net Change: 10-7/8 yards out

YTD IN: 95 yards
YTD OUT: 73-3/8 yards
YTD Net Change: 21-5/8 yards added to stash

Moving in the right direction this month, but still a long way to go to make up for the Paducah splurge.
Crib bumpers - some fabric usage in May
Collection Challenge Plus top, also some usage in May

Goals Update:
May Recap:
1. Quilt & bind Hands 2 Help quilt. DONE (See previous post below for pics)
2. Finish piecing Collection Challenge Plus to a flimsy. DONE
3. Layer, baste, quilt and bind one quilt: boy donation quilt or potential publication project or Collection Plus Challenge. Not done. Not even touched.
4. Keep up with bee blocks. Two of three done; cutting error on one requires consultation with owner and more of her fabric.
5. Hand piece remaining border pieces for How Many. Not done but only one row is left.
6. Make beach bag accessories for vacation. DONE
EXTRA: Made crib bumper pads for baby CJ

June Goals:
1. Prep for and attend GS camp retreat
2. Make tote bag using pattern purchased in Paducah
3. Layer, baste, quilt and bind boy donation quilt
4. Write tutorial for matching fabric print at seam
5. Keep up with bee blocks, including resolving the problem from last month

Well-matched print; tutorial to come later in June

I didn't get some of my goals done in May, but we were away on vacation for nine days, and the need for crib bumpers came up so those took priority. It may not seem like I don't have much on my list for June, but I have other household stuff going on so I may have less time to work on quilty stuff.

Further to the plans for June, I'm a little at a loss about what to work next after the items on the list.
I do have some tops that need to be quilted. I quilt on my domestic machine, and I'm not very skilled at FMQ so maybe I could practice. I really want to start a new piecing project using some of the fabric I bought in Paducah, but I already have so many quilts round here, just piled up on the guest bed.... Really, how many quilts does one household need? DS's quilts are here too at his request, also on the guest bed. Five of the book quilts came back from AQS so they're piled up here, too. What do you do with too many quilts?

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