Friday, July 17, 2015

Collection Challenge Plus Quilt & Tutorial

Ta-Da!!! My Collection Challenge Plus quilt is all finished, quilted and bound.
I quilted straight lines across the diagonal using a walking foot. I just eyeballed the lines across from point to point. The quilting came out to about a 2" bias grid.

The backing worked out great! I pieced it together and tried to match the pattern. While not a perfect match, you have to look for the piecing seam. I'm really pleased with this backing print for this quilt top and the intended recipients.
The crosshatch quilting left the quilt soft and flexible, great for snuggling on the sofa. 

Finished size 57" by 69".
Number of fabrics used: 21 different prints


Patch size: 3-1/2" cut square; finished patch 3" square. 5 squares make a Plus motif.

Fabric Notes:
- Fat Quarters are the most efficient size for the least waste.
- Choose at least 20 different fabrics, a mix of light/medium/dark and bold/busy or calm/subtle. Fewer prints mean that the same print will be too close to itself in the layout and will make it harder for you to get a pleasing layout. When in doubt, add more variety.
- You can get 30 patches from a fat quarter if the cuttable area is 21" excluding the selvage. 30 patches will yield six Plus motifs. You won't need to cut 30 patches from all of your prints, but plan to cut at least 15 patches from each of them.
- Choose a few of your fabrics to be featured more (5 or 6 Plus motifs) and some to be used in fewer Pluses. Use the whole FQ for the featured ones, and only part of it for the secondary ones.

- From FQ, cut 3-1/2" strips parallel to the selvage, then sub-cut 3-1/2" squares, 5 squares per strip. Each strip will yield enough squares for one Plus motif.
- From your less-featured fabrics, cut only 3 strips and sub-cut patches. From your focus fabrics, cut the whole FQ.
- You'll need 437 patches but you may want to cut a few more to allow for placement at edges, corners, etc.

- Using a design wall or large surface, start in the center and lay out patches in plus motifs.
- Note that the next motif will be offset by one patch horizontally and one row vertically.
- There will be partial motifs at the edges and in the corners.
- Layout is 19 patches wide by 23 patches high for 57-1/2" by 69-1/2" top.
- Continue arranging patches until you're satisfied with the layout. It will help to take photos; you'll see in photos things you miss by eye, such as the same color too close to itself, or not enough contrast.

- All seams are 1/4".
- Sew patches together into rows.
- Press all the even rows to the right and odd rows to the left.
- Sew rows together, nesting seams. Press all in one direction.
- Piece backing to measure at least 64" by 75". (4-1/2 yards if all one fabric; piece lengthwise and trim away excess width.)
- Layer, baste, and quilt as desired.
- Square up and trim 1/8" outside top edge.
- Binding: from 3/4 yard, cut 8  2-1/2" strips. Join end-to-end, press in half lengthwise, and sew to quilt sandwich, mitering corners. Sew down by hand or machine, your preference.  
Be sure to label your quilt!
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  1. I So Love this quilt! Great finish, Jan! Thank you for the tutorial. I just happen to have come into 150 red 3.5 inch squares from miscutting my Midnight Mystery quilt along this month. This would be a project so I would not have to cut them down any further.

  2. This looks great! I really like how the cross-hatch quilting pulls your eyes differently around the quilt than when it was just the quilt top.

  3. So lovely! The backing fabric really pulls it all together. Well done Jan! :)

  4. What an amazing finish. Love the straight quilting on the plus quilt.

  5. Lovely quilt! I think the quilting is just right for it too. Thanks for the tutorial as well!

  6. I love this design and have made one myself, I do like your diagonal quilting, so effective!