Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ready for Binding: Your Opinion Please

Gramercy & Friends came back from the quilter last night. I'm really pleased with the quilting - it's clean, geometric, modern, and masculine. Each 12" block is different but the two large blocks are the same, and are framed with the same "racetrack circles." Since the whole quilt fills my design wall, you can't see the quilting very well in this photo, but you can see it in the detail photos below.
Gramercy & Friends quilted & ready for binding

Now I'm auditioning binding and I 'd like your input. Here are four of my choices, in no particular order. The taupe geometric is also the backing fabric.
Binding fabric choices

Option 1: Stripe. I love striped bindings. This stripe is not used in the blocks.
Auditioning striped binding

Option 2: Brushstroke print (not in photo above). This print is also not used in the blocks but it's subtle and the colors in it work.
Auditioning brushstroke print binding

Option 3: Gramercy focus print. I will need to get more, but my LQS still has it in stock.
Auditioning focus print binding

Option 4: Backing fabric used as binding
Auditioning backing fabric as binding

Option 5: Crosshatch print, which is used in a few of the blocks
Auditioning crosshatch print binding

Option 6, not shown: For a more solid-ish binding, I could get more of the taupe grunge print. You can see it well in the Option 4 photo.

Which one do you think works best?

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  1. I really like the Gramercy Park option. It continues the lovely movement within the quilt.

  2. stripped!!!! or some other random color like green, turquoise or blue.

  3. I really like the Gramercy print, with the striped as a very close second. This quilt is gorgeous!

  4. I love the striped best, too. Although my first thought (before seeing your options), was a bold pop of colour, but perhaps that's not what you're going for.

  5. I think the backing fabric or brushstrokes because I think a darker binding will really help frame the quilt very well.

  6. I don't like the mushiness of the gramercy... I like the stripe as it's still neutral, it is dynamic, it stops your eye. The others are less dynamic. You didn't ask, but what about a slight golden orange piping? Whatever that color is that stands out in the quilt. Tiny, barely there.

  7. Backing or Cross hatch would be my choice. But really you should pick the one you are happy with if you are keeping the quilt. Start by eliminating one of your choices, then another till you are down to one!

  8. The stripe is my first choice. It's fresh and straightforward. Although it's not used in the blocks, a b/w stripe appears in one of the fabrics. I like LeeAnna's suggestion of the goldy-orange piping, too.

  9. I love a striped binding, so option 1 is my favorite, but I like option 6 too.

  10. I really like the strip but would cut it on the diagonal if it was mine, but they are all looking great with your beautiful quilt.
    Cherree from Australia

  11. When given a choice, I often go for stripes. I like that it's not in the quilt but still looks great with it. The scale seems right, too.

  12. Awesome quilt! Love the block designs and grown up color scheme. Kat @

  13. Wow! It really turned out great. I like the stripe best- but that's my type of thing.

  14. first glance I like the strip but after viewing it again several times, I agree with Yvonne & Shannon, brushstroke or backing :) Either one seems to fit the mood of the whole quilt.

  15. The stripe fights with the blocks, grabbing attention away from the quilt focus. I like the backing fabric the best, it is dark but not too heavy a dark.