Monday, June 20, 2016

So Much Accomplished at Camp!

My friend Chrissy invited me to a private retreat at a camp where she was the supervisor for the weekend. The supervisor's quarters are spacious, and between her official duties, she has time to hang out and sew. Her sister, a scrap-booker, was also there, so we had craft stuff all over the place. I took several projects along and sewed all weekend.

Friends, food, sewing, what could be better?!!!

My main goal was to get PAussietivity pieced to a flimsy. Done! Here it is hanging on our makeshift design wall at camp.
PAussietivity flimsy, 60" x 60"

I made it exactly like the original. I love that Aussie print, and I wish now that I had made the outer border 6" wide instead of 4" wide, to show off more of that print. Oh well, too late now. But it's done!  6 yards used.

I also worked on a UFO that was previously kitted up. Several years ago we had a challenge at STLMQG to choose a magazine image as inspiration, then your swap partner would select some fabrics based on that image for you. I no longer have the image, but my partner certainly nailed the inspiration. Here's the flimsy I was able to finish at camp. The fabrics from my swap partner are the large quadrants in the blocks, plus I added a few more prints from stash. 3-5/8 yards used. This will make a nice baby quilt or donation quilt. Any suggestions for a name for it?
UFO flimsy, 44" x 44"

Finally, I worked on the rest of my previously started LC Triangles. I finished all the blocks I had pre-cut. We played with layouts at camp:
Log Cabin Triangles, four layouts

I forgot to photograph the last layout at camp, but I rolled the whole thing up to bring it home and hung it on my design wall this morning for a photo. I like this layout best.

I don't have any more of the colored fabrics. If I use only these blocks, the resulting quilt will be 54" by 63" but I'd like to make it bigger. To make more blocks, I'll have to introduce a new color to the palette, maybe teal, and come up with a layout that will work. I have plenty of the low volume fabrics left so I can make more blocks that are consistent with the existing ones. I'm going to pack this project away - with notes - until the next sew-in or retreat. Then I'll find two suitable teal prints and kit up pieces for more blocks.

It was great to get away at camp for the weekend. I came home yesterday afternoon and wished my DH Happy Father's Day. He's so thoughtful - he went grocery shopping and made congri for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook when I got home.

Then I found that we didn't have any internet connection. Ugh! No internet, no U-verse TV, no house phone. After dealing with customer service for an hour last night, we ended up having a technician come out today. He replaced wiring, outside box, basement box, and modem, reset everything, and now - finally! - I'm back on line.

So, no stash report yesterday. I'll catch up today:
IN this week, 1/2 yard (two colors of Grunge)
OUT this week, 9-5/8 yards for the two flimsies finished at camp.
I'll total everything at the end of the month and see how close to breaking even I am for the year. If I can end the first half of the year at net zero, I should do well for the rest of the year.

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  1. What a lot of productivity! How about City Squares for a name for the quilt? It looks like blocks or neighborhoods in a city to me, so any play on that would be what I would play with for a name.

  2. You got lots accomplished! Love PAussietivity (that's hard to write). I was thinking like Yvonne, maybe "Around the Block" for the baby quilt. I tend to favor off-center settings for log cabin. I think you could easily introduce more colors to make it bigger.

  3. What a fun time and your quilts are beautiful. I especially love all the different layouts for your LCT quilt.

  4. Lots of fun and progress! I love the last quilt the most...just gorgeous!!

  5. You did get a lot done. PAussietivity turned out beautifully. Your triangle quilt is very fun. Hope you get lots done this week.

  6. LOVE your PAussietivity flimsy! and your baby / donation quilt - sorry, no name inspiration... I definitely agree with your final layout for the LC triangles quilt - and I'm eager to see it with the teal blocks!

  7. LOVE your PAussietivity flimsy! and your baby / donation quilt - sorry, no name inspiration... I definitely agree with your final layout for the LC triangles quilt - and I'm eager to see it with the teal blocks!

  8. Looks like you had a great time at camp and all of your flimsies look beautiful! PAussietivity is really neat!