Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stash Report 9/11/16

Again some in and some out this week...

IN: 3 yards, some of which is for the next baby quilt. I ordered some Kona solid, and a couple of other pieces ended up in my cart too.
OUT: 5-3/4 yards for the Forest Fellows baby quilt, which includes top, backing, binding, and a bit of waste that was cut away because I matched the print repeat on the top borders.

Here's what's up next, another baby quilt. My nephew and his wife are expecting and her shower is scheduled for Oct. 21 so I need to get going on this.
Palette for baby quilt

The first five prints are from an older line that may have been called Playground, maker unknown. I won a bundle at guild a couple years ago, and based on the cuts in the bundle, I think it was a kit but there was no pattern. There is only a small piece of the focus print and one of the others, so I'm carefully planning how to use them. For scale, the pieces above are 8-1/4" squares.

I added teal Grunge to the palette; I like a darker shade in the mix for a bit of contrast. And I added Kona Bahama Blue, perfect match to the collection prints, enough for the top, border, and backing. Background for the pieced blocks will be a white-on-white from my stash which features numbers.

And now I have a question for you:
The baby is a boy. Do you think the floral in the collection is OK to use or is it too girly? The pattern will feature large flying geese and there will be eight geese of each fabric. I'd like to include the floral because I want the variety of prints, but if it's too girly I'll leave it out and find something else. What do you think?
Older collection possibly called Playground, maker unknown

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  2. I think the flowers with the butterflies are appropriate. They made me smile as I remembered my cute neighbor boy when he was 4 or 5 years old. He picked flowers in my yard--pulled up by the roots--then knocked on the door and said he picked them for me. Who could scold that little blonde angel! I helped him pick a bouquet to take to his mommy. I hope the baby you are making the quilt for has many happy flower picking days.

  3. I think they are appropriate, but I put trucks, trains, and cars on girl quilts if the colors are right. Those flowers are not that girly so they would look good on a boy quilt.

  4. Those little flowers look like what you would find on the other feature playground fabric. The colors don't scream girlie, so I say put them in. Besides, most Master Gardeners are men. I love the colors, and I look forward to seeing how it comes together.

  5. They are not too girly and will be wonderful with the other fabrics you have chosen!

  6. A beautiful choice of fabrics. The colors and patterns work so well together. Can't wait to see the big reveal.

  7. Great colors and fabrics for your next baby quilt. The flower print will work nicely with the rest of the fabrics for your new Great nephew.

  8. I agree, the flowers don't scream girly, I'd use that print. Congrats on the outgoing this week. Every little bit helps.