Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another Fun Day at the Quilt Cave

Last time the Cave Quilters got together, we made several snake blocks for a QOV and this is where we left off, 14 blocks complete.
Snake Blocks

We got together for another fun day recently, and in between conversation and laughter, we got a lot more work done.
Dar, Kevin & Cherie Working on Blocks

Our day was definitely not all work and no play. There was plenty of play involved, including some scrap diving. 
Cherie & Me with Scraps

We had a great time together, and we really did accomplish a lot. In the afternoon we had enough blocks on the wall to play with layouts a bit. If you turn some of the blocks, they make closed loops or circles. 
Layout Option at the Right

We ended the day with 26 of 48 blocks done; we only need 14 more. We're leaning toward the traditional layout where all the blocks go the same way, creating diagonal "snakes." Even though it's the same block over and over, the fabric variety and the movement created by the wavy diagonals give it a lot of interest. 
26 Blocks, Straight Layout 

I love that we have so much variety in the fabrics even though it's a very controlled color palette. There are several white-on-white backgrounds, dozens of reds, and many dozens of blues. Pulling from four quilters' stashes really helped! 
Fabric Variety

Several people have asked me for the pattern. I don't know if there's a published pattern for this block or not. If I find one I'll let you know. If anyone knows of one, please tell me in the comments. If I don't find an existing pattern, I'll post a tutorial about how to draft it and make the templates. 

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  1. It's looking wonderful. The best thing is sewing with friends, you look like you were having a great day.

  2. Wonderful quilt that will go to a deserving vet!!!! Great job ladies and gent!!!!

  3. It's a fun pattern. Glad you were all able to get together and make some more fun.

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  5. I LOVE that!!! Some very deserving vet is going to love it as well. You guys are doing GREAT!

  6. That is so bright and bold!!! I LOVE it! - and it looks like you all had an awesome time

  7. What a creative way to arrange the blocks! Great to see the fun you-all had making these!

  8. Hello! I found you on Alycia Quilts QOV linkup. I LOVE that snakey pattern your quilt group made! I'll be watching with interest for a tutorial. I wanted to follow your blog too but I don't see a follow via e-mail option which is my favorite way to read blogs. Would it be a possibility that I could get you to add that gadget to your blog? If you're not sure how to do it, just let me know. I have a tutorial! :)