Monday, March 6, 2017


*Work In Glacially Slow Progress

On my wall 3/6/17

This is my Piecing Group project, a hand-piecing bee project that's been in work since 2008. It's been through seven go-rounds when it was my turn to hand out, and a total of 30 people have now worked on it, since people have left the group and others have joined over that time. It won't be handed out in Piecing Group any more because it's now in too few parts to go around.

It's currently in rows and half-rows. There are two rows of black triangles at the top, then three rows of pieced units that form hexies, and these rows are all sewn together and pressed. After that there are half-rows joined in pairs; these were returned after the last piecing go round. Everything down to the horizontal gap has been pressed.

Pressed rows

My friends in Piecing Group know I have arthritis etc. in my hands and hand sewing has become much more difficult than it was when this project was started. Several of the girls got together and joined up the sections they were working on. Everything below the gap on the wall is completely sewn together. I'm very grateful to them for doing so much extra work on my project. The big section they put together is not pressed yet; it will be a tedious job to press it so that's my goal for this week.
Unpressed section

Not on the wall yet are three more rows that form hexies. Then after that there will be two more rows of black triangles for the bottom border. 

It will be awhile - a very long time - until this is a finished top. One of my friends has offered to continue helping me with it, and I appreciate her help very much. When it's finished this will be a queen size quilt and I'm definitely keeping this one for me. I still love the luminous effect of all those sparkling colors against the black.

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  1. You have some REALLY good friends! It definitely sparkles.

  2. It is a totally amazing quilt... love it!

  3. I'm so glad to hear your friends are helping out with this one so much. The colors definitely glow and sparkle. I'm glad to hear you will be keeping this one.

  4. It's lovely. Glad you have such good friends to help move it along.

  5. "Glacially Slow" Progress?! Hah!! That's about the speed of MY quilting projects, too! Sorry to hear that your arthritis is taking away from your hand stitching, but your quilt is going to be stunning and it's wonderful that you have such good friends helping you out with it.

  6. From where I'm sitting, it looks like you are on the home stretch. The hardest part is behind you. Just keep feeding those friends tea and cookies, or whatever, to finish it up! Think about that beautiful quilt on your bed.

  7. Slow progress is still progress. It is looking great!

  8. Hooray for sweet friends and hand sewing helpers. Even if it is glacially slow, it is still in progress. It looks beautiful. I love the light center section.

  9. You and your buddies do fantastic work. It's a gorgeous project.