Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Progress Continues...

All the rows here are finally pressed. What a job that was!

If you look carefully, you can see that there's a black border at the top. The border is two rows of the same size triangles as the black triangles between the hexies. Yes, they are all hand-pieced together, black on black.

I am currently in the process of sewing together a row of black triangles and the last row of colored pieces. Then a second row of all black triangles will be added to complete the border, same as at the top. The rows I'm working on will go at the bottom in the photo above and will complete the half-hexies you can see in the lowest row.

My hands are doing relatively well now, so I'm going to continue working on this project while I can. I do limit the hand-sewing to not more than 30 minutes a day even on good days, so it's very slow going.

This is hand piecing, not EPP. In hand piecing, all the seams are left to float free, so they can be pressed in the best direction afterwards.

Sewing black to black is the hardest. Thank goodness I have a very bright Ott light (no affiliation). It has a bendable neck and I have it placed about 8" above my work, aimed directly on it.

In addition to completing the bottom border, I need to get the half-rows on the wall joined together at the centers. Then I can take this project off the wall and free up the wall for something else. All that hand sewing will take me awhile!

               ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I'm going to take a little time off from blogging for a few days. Progress on this project is so slow, I don't need to photograph and blog about every stitch. Other projects are in holding patterns or boring stages that aren't blog-worthy, so I'm going to take a few days off and not worry about having something to share. I'll be back when I have something to show or a story to tell. Meanwhile, happy quilting.

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  1. Looking good. Inch by inch life's a cinch!!

  2. I bet you will be happy when the black border is completely done. I recently did a black print binding on a black print backing and I had a very strong LED light just inches away to see the folded edge.

  3. It's a gorgeous quilt. Happy stitching this week.