Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DH Is Very Very Good to Me

I had a birthday recently. My dear husband has been pushing me to get all the big-ticket quilting items I'll ever need before he retires, while he's still bringing in a paycheck. I've been debating getting a die-cutting machine, and some friends recommended the AccuQuilt Studio 2 (no affiliation).  It showed up for my birthday, imagine that!

I selected a handful of the dies I'm likely to use the most, including two sizes of HSTs and the die set for Triangle-in-a-Square (otherwise known as Peaky & Spike to those of us who learned to quilt back when). So to try out my new machine, I made a test block.

Perfect Peaky & Spikes! They went together so easily! I like designing with these units but I've always hated sewing them because they never come out well unless you paper piece them. I forgot to take a picture of the cut pieces, but they're cut off at the corners so the seam allowances line up perfectly. So easy; these went together in no time, chain pieced.

Some corners and a center square, and here's the block.

I chose some of the same fabrics I'm using for my Solstice Challenge blocks so I can just add this one to the mix. Of course, it needs to be the same size as the others; no problem, just a simple frame in the background fabric I'm using for the Solstice project and it'll fit right in.

Right now the Studio cutter is sitting on the work table in my sewing room. It's heavy to lift onto the table and I don't have a good place in the sewing room to keep it, so it will live on a dresser in another room when I'm not using it. DH is building a counter-top surface for the dresser that's wide enough for when the cutter is open as shown above, so the cutter can stay there and be used there all the time. I'm looking forward to using it!

DH is very good to me, don't you think?

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  1. Indeed! But I wouldn't expect anything less, knowing him.

  2. You will never regret that purchase. I use mine at least 3 days a week and sometimes more often.

  3. The best kind of husband is the kind that supports a quilty habit!! Truly wonderful. (And long-suffering, too, I think. Especially when stray pins are around or needles go missing.) Have fun with that new machine. I can see where that would make Peaky and Spike so much easier to make.

  4. Enjoy the new machine. And your mate has the right idea.... get what you need now while the dollars flow.

  5. DH is a wonderful man. I especially appreciate that he is building a top to make using it long term easier. And happy belated birthday!

  6. Your DH is very understanding. I'm lucky enough to have one similar (he went all out and bought some historical quilt books for my birthday - I was delighted). He's put up with my addiction to fabric and while I'd love the Accuquilt - I'm putting out little longarm machine hints . . . not yet . . . must be patient . . . ;) Meanwhile have fun with cutting all those fiddly pieces with ease. xx

  7. Ohboy!! How awesome - your creativity is going to go through the roof!!

  8. My DH bought me my die cutter for Christmas one year - I love it!!! (and him - I love him even more)