Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Stash Report & Goals Update

When I left off, I said I was going to take a few days off from blogging. My "few days" turned into half of March. Oh, well... life happens. (No worries, it's all good). So let's see how the stash report looks and how I did with my goals.

March Stash Report:

IN this month: 3/4 yard (STLMQG free table)
OUT this month: nothing I can count, although I used fabric for Solstice Challenge blocks and for Snake blocks with the Cave Quilters.

IN YTD: 20 yards
OUT YTD: 35-1/4 yards
Net change YTD: 15-1/4 yards OUT  -  No guilt when I indulge in some stash enhancement in Paducah!

Goals Update:

March recap:
1. Keep up with Solstice Challenge blocks. DONE, with modifications to make the blocks more to my liking.
2. Start a Hands2Help donation quilt. Started; fabrics pulled, plan in place, partially cut. 
3. Start planning a 12 Days of Christmas in July project requested by my son. Not done. 
4. Make progress on Roman Road WIP. Not touched… This WIP is on its way to becoming a UFO.
5. Make progress hand piecing my WIVSP Piecing Group project. Yes, I did a lot - for me - of hand sewing on this project this month. 
6. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE.

Other: My sister-in-law requested a gift quilt for a recipient in a northern Alaska village. We found a suitable UFO, ordered backing & batting, and I have the quilting plan in mind.

April Goals:
1. Finish Hands2Help quilt. See fabrics below.
2. Quilt Alaska gift quilt for Jackie.
3. Keep up with Solstice Challenge blocks.
4. Start planning a Christmas in July project requested by my son.
5. Make progress hand piecing my WIVSP Piecing Group project.
6. Keep up with bee blocks.

Note: I'm not putting Roman Road on the list for April because I have deadline projects that take priority. I'll have to come back to Roman Road later. Sigh... this is how WIPs become UFOs. But I really like this quilt and I want to finish it.

So here's the UFO that I'll quilt for the Alaska gift:

And since race-style quilts are fast, I've decided that my Hands2Help quilt will be a race quilt using some fabrics from stash. I need to pull a couple more lights and a couple more darks; most of these fabrics are too much the same value.

Hopefully I can do better at my April goals than I did in March. I'm sure I'll do quite well at stash enhancement, at least!

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  1. Ah, love the fabrics you've pulled!! I can see why the race quilt was picked for the Alaska family, its palate is earthy.

  2. The race quilt is nice, and I love the colors you've pulled for the next one.

  3. You are still in the black, so that's a good stash management month. The Race quilt turned out nicely. Good luck with all your plans for April