Sunday, June 4, 2017

May Stash Report and Goals Recap

When the end of the month falls in the middle of the week, it's hard to know whether to post before the last of the month or wait until the following weekend. I decided to wait, on the off chance I might actually accomplish something during the last few days. So here's my May recap:

Stash Report:
May IN: 0 - Yes, really! 😊
May OUT: 9-1/4 yards (Christmas Tree flimsy - 3-3/4 yds;  backing for tree - 2-3/4 yds;  x and + blocks - 1-1/8 yds;  mosaic slab block - 3/8 yd; binding for Alaska quilt - 3/4 yd;  binding for Cherie's boomerang patches quilt - 1/2yd)

YTD IN: 62 yards
YTD OUT: 63-5/8 yards
YTD Net Change: 1-5/8 yards OUT

Whoo-hoo, I'm back in the black, even after indulging in stash enhancement in Paducah last month. These bonus blocks helped a little:

Goals Update:

May recap: 
1. Resolve label for Alaska quilt and get Alaska quilt labeled and bound. DONE
2. Piece top for Christmas Tree project for 12 Days of Christmas in July. DONE. Also got the backing pieced. 
3. Write & post Snake Quilt tutorial. Drafted but not posted.
4. Bind Cherie's quilt from the boomerang patches. DONE.
5. If back from the long armer, bind KBFG. Not back from the long armer. She has it started but cannot finish it for awhile due to upcoming hip replacement surgery. 
6. Work on WIVSP hand piecing project. Not touched.
7. Keep up with Solstice Challenge and bee blocks. DONE. Also made 3  x and +  bonus blocks for a friend's special project. 

Other: 1) Cut and kitted flannel plaid project to piece at camp and sew days.
           2) Advanced batik leaders & enders to a design on the wall, now partially sewn into rows.
Flannel Plaid project, cut and ready to sew blocks

Batik leader/ender project on design wall

Alaska quilt for SIL to give as wedding gift

Christmas tree wall hanging top and backing

Solstice Challenge blocks, most recent photo through about week 20

June Goals: 
1. Finish batik leader/ender project to a flimsy.
2. Make blocks for flannel plaid project.
3. Layer, quilt, and bind Christmas tree project and begin stitching hanger loops.
4. Work on WIVSP hand piecing project.
5. Plan what to do with Solstice Challenge blocks.
6. Keep up with bee blocks and BOMs.

Linking up with the new Stash Report over at Quilt Paint Create.
Judy L at Patchwork Times has retired from hosting the Stash Report, but since it helps keep me accountable, I'm still going to keep track of my stash.

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  1. Congrats on being back in the black! You had a great May. Hope June is as productive.