Monday, June 12, 2017

Plaid blocks

At the sew day this weekend I was able to finish making all the blocks I need for the flannel plaid project.

I put them up on the wall so I can arrange them. The layout will be five blocks wide by seven blocks long, 60 x 84", and obviously some of the blocks need to be moved so the color placement will be more balanced.

I don't like working with flannel. It's stretchy, it doesn't press very flat, and it sheds lint everywhere. But DH requested a flannel quilt, and some of these plaids are from his old shirts. He'll get his flannel quilt for his b-day in November. Meanwhile there's still a lot of work to do to finish it. And plenty of shirt parts to cobble together a backing.

At our sew day I was also able to join almost all the rows of my batik spiral project. Just three more seams. Maybe it'll be a finished flimsy by Friday.

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  1. Plaid flannels will make such a comfortable quilt for your hubby. So worth the stretchy linty process. Good job!

  2. You made great progress this weekend! The flannel quilt is definitely a labor of love, and I am sure that it will be deeply appreciated.