Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Solstice Challenge Blocks

Since late December I've been participating in Pat Sloan's "Solstice Challenge." I've kept up with making a block a week for 25 weeks, although I've modified some of them to suit me. So here we are at the Summer Solstice, and all my blocks are done. Here are all 25, in order.

Some I like much better than others. Some don't play as nicely with the rest as they should due to my value choices. I'm planning a layout that will use 20 of them, so I can omit the ones I like least. I also have one additional block that I could include, made in this palette when I tested some die-cutter dies.

My layout will have sashing to separate the blocks so I don't have to worry about matching up block seams. I like this kind of sashing when the blocks are all different because it kind of unifies them:

I don't have enough of anything in my stash that goes with my palette for the dark sashing strips, so I will have to buy something. I'm hoping I can eke out the light sashing strips from the background fabric I have left. If not, I'll have to figure out plan B. This quilt will finish at 75" x 90".

No deadline and no particular recipient in mind, and I have deadline projects that have to come first, so I'll have to set this project aside and come back to finish it later.

I've enjoyed making one new block a week; I think I'll actually miss having that to look forward to each Wednesday. But I shouldn't start a new BOW project; I have too many WIPS that need attention, not to mention UFOs. I guess I should go work on something on my to-do list....

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  1. Your blocks will look so nice with the sashing you have planned. There are some really interesting block designs in your collection. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. I love how you scaled down the bigger blocks instead of using her suggested smaller block version. They are going to look great in the sashing/corner stone design you came up with.

  3. Hi,
    Your quilt blocks look lovely. I will love to see which blocks you include and how it looks when complete. I didn't participate in Pat's last challenge but plan to do the one that starts on Wednesday. It's a lap size - much more my speed since I've got three queen size quilts on my plate. ~smile~