Friday, October 27, 2017

Finished Solstice Flimsy

A picture-heavy post...

The finished top:

I enjoyed making the blocks each week as the patterns were released. 
Some favorite blocks:

This block, not part of the series, was a test when I got my 
new Studio cutter last spring. I see more blocks using these 
units in my future since they came out so well. 

Since I don't have an immediate need or purpose for this top, 
I'll add it to the growing to-be-quilted pile. 

I have enough of the olive sashing print to use for binding, so I'll 
put the print away with this top, to be ready when the time comes. 

A question for those of you who keep track of your stash usage: 
How do you account for fabric that was used for unused blocks and related parts that didn't make it into the finished top? I have at least seven 12" blocks and several 6" companion blocks that were not used, but the fabric has been used in them and is no longer available as stash. How to account for it?

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  1. I really like how the slightly lighter fabric in the cornerstones makes them stand out and glow. It's a lovely quilt top; congratulations on getting the top completed!

  2. The color palette in this quilt is so soothing. It's a beautiful finish, Jan.

  3. So not you ;-) It's a beautiful top! As for counting stash, any blocks, parts or units are counted OUT. The fabric is out of your stash. If ever the blocks, parts or units are used, they are freebies and not counted in the stash out. In my humble opinion ;-)

  4. Love how this turned out, especially the sashing that really holds it all together. As to stash, I quit counting!

  5. Beautiful! If I was keeping track of my fabric, blocks of any kind would count toward stash out. Spare blocks go into a separate pile for later use, but they definitely aren't stash anymore :)

  6. I would still count it as used, because it is not available. Unless you count your stash by project, then it would be in limbo until used.

  7. I count my fabric out as I finish a block, so if a block doesn't get used, it's still out of the stash.