Monday, October 2, 2017

September Stash Report and Goals Update

Wow, September went by quick! It's time once again for my monthly recap. I did better than I thought on the fabric front but not as well as I might have on the goals.

September Stash Report:
IN this month: 14-3/8 yards (3/4 yd. binding for Emerald Isle.  1-1/8 yds from STLMQG Door Prize & free table.  8 yds from FQ Shop for red  project.  4-1/2 yds from A&E, for Original LCTs border and Solstice sashing.)
OUT this month: 14-1/2 yards, more out than in this month (Emerald Isle Flimsy: 3 yds of my own fabric for alternate blocks, extra frames, sashing and cornerstones [BOM kit fabrics not counted]. 10 Pillowcases: 10-1/2 yds.  Test block for Cherie - 1/4 yd.  2 Dresden test blocks -  3/4 yard.)

IN YTD: 95-1/2 yards
OUT YTD: 108-1/2 yards. Hard to believe I've used over 100 yards this year!!
YTD Net Change: 13 yards out. Whoo-hoo, still doing well for the year.

I was able to go to a fabric shop I can only get to about once a year, and I found a border print to work with my original LCT top which needs to be bigger.

I also found an olive print that will work well enough for sashing for my Solstice Challenge blocks. It wouldn't have been my first choice for the type of print, but since it'll be used in 1/2" strips, I don't think it will matter. It doesn't flare brown under incandescent light, so the color is good with my solstice blocks in all light conditions.
Sashing fabric photographed under incandescent light

Some of my acquisitions this month were additional neutrals, blues, a brown, and a border print for my red project, but I totally forgot to photograph them before washing and cutting into some of them. 
Strips cut for red project checkerboard blocks


September recap:
1. Finish Emerald Isle flimsy. DONE
2. Make pillowcases for Harvey victims. Made 10 and sent them to Sarah.
3. Find suitable sashing fabric for Solstice Challenge blocks; cut and kit up sashing pieces for future retreats, etc. Finally found a suitable fabric, an olive print that doesn't flare; haven't started cutting yet.
4. Assemble 9-Patch Star QOV top. Not done; saving it for retreat. 
5. Work on WIVSP hand piecing project. Not done.
6. Plan and prep projects for retreat in October. DONE: Cut HST donation quilt project; saving 9-Patch Star QOV to assemble at retreat. Started the red project (made test Dresden Plate blocks, made test checkerboard block, cut strips for remaining checkerboards) and will take it to retreat to make one of each block. 
7. Keep up with bee blocks. Done
8. Plan &/or work on improv project from Jean Wells book. Re-read first chapter about journaling and photos; found photo images on line for inspiration. (link to website for free photos)

Emerald Isle Flimsy

Pillowcases for Sarah's drive

October Goals:
1. Assemble 9-Patch Star QOV top at Sew Me STL.
2. Assemble HSTs for donation quilt at Sew Me STL.
3. Cut and work on sashing strips for Sostice Challenge blocks.
4. Make one Dresden block and one Checkerboard block for the red project.
5. Work on WIVSP hand piecing project.
6. Bind Gary's Flannel Quilt.
7. Add borders to Original LCT top using fabric found at A&E
8. Keep up with bee blocks.
9. Work on improv project from Jean Wells book.

That looks like a lot, but some of those are easy or fast, and I'll have time at retreat to work on them. If I get all that done, October should be a varied and productive month!

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  1. I have long admired the "Chippewa 9 Patch" quilt pattern by Minnick and may have spurred me on to making a version of it while you make your beautifully inspired "Red Project" quilt!

  2. Your Solstice blocks look wonderful, as does your Emerald Isle flimsy. And I'm just in awe of your record keeping! Great stuff.

  3. I really like that Solstice block in the lower left corner with the close-set friendship stars! Does that one have a name? The olive green is a very nice sashing color for your blocks.