Monday, January 8, 2018

Design Wall Monday: Pickle Dish Layout

I finally finished all the paper pieced arcs for my Pickle Dish project and laid them out on the wall. I hung the background fabric on the wall and laid the blocks out on top of it to see what the total effect would look like. You can see how the colored arcs make interlocking rings.
Block parts pinned to design wall

Two arcs make a block, but the colors have to be paired up correctly for each block, and each block pair is different. Also, some blocks have black corners and some have white corners.
One quarter of layout

So I labeled the blocks, and took a photo of each one for reference.
Block photo for reference

There are 36 blocks in all. As I'm taking them off the wall, I'm clipping the parts for each block together. Thank goodness for Wonder Clips!

It will take me awhile to make these blocks. The background pieces have to be traced from templates and carefully cut out with scissors. No quick cutting here! They're challenging to sew, too, because of the curves. Hopefully I can make steady progress and get at least a couple of blocks made each week until they're done.

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  1. What an achievement-all those pickle dish pieces so perfectly done!

  2. Looks beautiful Jan! I love your color choices especially the floral background fabric! Looks fabulous and makes the quilt pop!!! I would have picked some boring, safe choice but I am trying hard to think out of the box!

  3. I love how the bright colors pop against the dark background. It's a great idea to photograph each block, label, them, and clip them together!

  4. I love the block design and color choices. The background is a great surprise!

  5. Your blocks are amazing! Great pattern and wonderful fabric choices. I love the bright colors against the dark background.

  6. I love it. Did I ask you what pattern you used? This has been on my want-to-do list for while. I lost all my patterns and books in the Great Flood in 2016 in Baton Rouge......

  7. I really love how it looks, smart of you to put the background fabric on the design wall first;)