Monday, November 5, 2018

One last N4Nb Quilt

The Nurses for Newborns quilts are due this Saturday. That means I have to quickly finish the one for November. No worries, it'll be done in time.

I dug deep into the stash for this ABC print that dates from the early 2000's. I bought it when a local shop was closing, one of those all-that's-left-on-the-bolt deals. I ended up not using it as planned, and I have more than three yards of it. I also have a matching yellow solid from 1997 that I've been saving along with this print. Time to put them to good use.

I found a couple of blues in my stash that coordinate well enough. Since I need to make this quickly, a simple nine-patch will do.

The flimsy is done; I just need to get it layered, quilted and bound. I'm planning to use more of the ABC print for the backing.

Then I also need to get all the N4Nb quilts washed before I turn them in Saturday. Hopefully later this week I can get photos of them all on the fence outside. Sorry for the gloomy indoor photos here - it's been raining for days.

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  1. 9 patches are looking good. At first I thought it was a streak of lightening but then I saw the 9 patches. Yes, weather has been iffy off and on here. Winter is sneaking up on us but summer took forever to end -- maybe fall will hang on it bit longer.

  2. How awesome to have so many quilts to donate on Saturday. I look forward to seeing them all together and hearing how many were turned in overall!

  3. You can't go wrong with a classic patchwork block like the Nine! Cute top :)

  4. The blues are so nice in your blocks. You are so generous to give your time to this project.