Friday, December 14, 2018


Fraternal twins... Doll quilts, that is!

My great niece is getting doll bunk beds for her American Girl-sized dolls for Christmas from her grandmother. Grandma picked them up at a thrift store for her church's preschool, but Maddie caught a glimpse of them and got so excited that grandma is giving them to her for Christmas. So Maddie needs quilts for the bunk beds, right? Of course.

Maddie is very girly; she's the only girl among 8 grandchildren so she's extra special. She's also at that in-between age where one minute she's playing with dolls, and the next she's going to cheer leading practice. I pulled a palette of bright pinks and purples that's very feminine but not juvenile.

I cut a 2-1/2" strip from each of the prints, then cut squares and arranged them into Plus quilts. Similar, but not identical. Fraternal twins.

These will finish about 14" x 18".

They're backed with fleece, no batting, to keep them soft and flexible. Simple quilting, a spin through the washer & dryer, and they're ready for gifting.

(Sorry for the gloomy photos. The colors are actually much brighter and perkier, but the weather has been so dark, wet, and dreary that indoor photos will have to do.)

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  1. How fun and perfect. I'm betting the quilts and bunk beds will be a huge hit... especially given how excited she was at the glimpse. :)

  2. You are a good great-aunt! I had bunk beds for my Muffie and Ginnie dolls. My mother made all the bedding, complete with ticking mattresses and little pillows.

  3. What a fun, fun project! Maddie will love these!

  4. Adorable quilts, just right for the bunk beds. Such a nice gift!

  5. Charming little quilts, a lovely gift for a sweet girl.