Monday, April 8, 2019

Bee Blocks

Since I'm currently working on confidential projects, I don't have anything big to show, so I'll show the bee blocks I've worked on lately. These are the February and March blocks for Sew Bee It.

Flying geese: she provided all the fabrics, with the colors laid out how she wanted them.

X and Plus: she provided a link to a specific tutorial, and asked for girly colors of pink, purple, yellow and teal. This is such a fun block with so many design possibilities; I may have to make an X and Plus quilt someday.

So, not much on my design wall today except for these blocks. Linking up with  Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, Em's Scrapbag, and Love Laugh Quilt.


  1. Both blocks look great. I find that bees are inspiring for finding future project ideas. :)

  2. That X and Plus block is so great. Do I want to add another RSC block to my harem? Hmm.

  3. Oh I really like that bee block!! What a great way to use some pops of color!