Monday, November 4, 2019

Prepping for Sew Bee It Blocks

My turn to hand out to my bee, Sew Bee It, is this Saturday. I have a plan!

The girls in the bee do really well at creating a cohesive palette when I give them a print to reference. That concept worked really well when they made green blocks for me several years ago, and again last year when they made Have Faith blocks to coordinate with a navy focus print, shown in last Monday's Design Wall post. 

This year the blocks will be easy but will require attention to accurate seam allowances. Simple strips, each strip finishes 1" wide.  9" finished block plus seam allowances.

I'm giving the girls the outer olive strips, the newsprint strips, and the center strip. These will be constant in all the blocks.

Everyone will get a kit with these pieces, and directions. I'm asking each person to add four strips of their own fabrics, using the center strip as a guide to the palette.

Here are my test blocks showing how they'll go together in a basket weave pattern, and you can see the plan in the photo above.

The olive and newsprint edges will define the overall pattern, and those fabrics plus the center print strip will give continuity to the whole. Each person's unique additions will add variety and interest.
With a couple of borders, the overall result will be a throw size quilt. This project is destined to be a donation.

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  1. Oh that's really neat! You should get some great blendy fun in the middles of the blocks.