Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Corona Medallion

As I'm sewing together the rows of my fan medallion project, it occurs to me that the fans look a bit like crowns.

It's only fitting that I should name this quilt Corona Medallion since we're all focused on that other corona-thing these days.

I'm liking the way this is coming together.

The center - gotta love that negative space!

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  1. I agree that you found a perfect name for this quilt. It's coming together so well and I do love the shapes made in the background. Is this a quilt you are planning to quilt?

  2. I really love this! The printed background fabric suits the quilt - and the name is perfect!

  3. It has come together beautifully - all those little details DO make a difference. Great name for the quilt.

  4. I love that negative space shape, too. May we all continue to test negative!

  5. This is so cool - I love the shape the pieces are making!

  6. I do love the negative space. And if we have better healthcare and paid sick leave for all Americans on the other side of this pandemic, this ordeal would be worth it.