Monday, March 30, 2020

A New Project on the Wall

Once again, I've signed up to participate in Hands2Help organized by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Plus quilts are always a good choice, quick to make and positive, uplifting in spirit. I'll make a Plus quilt using some scraps given to me by others. A couple of the prints inspired the palette.

The one on the left was an actual sleeve from a blouse. Just the one sleeve...
The one on the right was a lengthwise strip, maybe an off-cut from backing.

To maximize the available fabric in these and some other scraps, I decided on squares cut 4" (finish 3-1/2"). I pulled all the scraps I had that could work, and raided my stash of fat quarters. I added a few pops of color from the inspiration prints to keep the palette from being boring, and a selection of low volumes for value contrast.

Of course I ended up cutting extra in order to make the layout work, so I have a baggie of 4" squares that can become the seeds for a future project.

A layout of 16 squares wide and 19 squares long will come out to 56" by 66-1/2", throw size, which fits in the parameters of one or more of this year's charities.

I snuck in a little surprise, too.

This should go together quickly.

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  1. I've always loved this Plus quilt design. Seeing yours makes me want to go cut some fabric! Another stash buster!

  2. Plus quilts are so much fun to make - and I love the fabrics / tones that you used for your quilt!

  3. This quilt is lovely, I think I need to add one to my to do list!

  4. Oh, pretty colors! And you're so clever to make the connection that plus quilts are "positive"! Thanks for the smile this morning :)

  5. Plus quilts are great, I sure like the direction yours is going.

  6. You've whipped up those pluses pretty quickly. Love the pops of color in with the grays and blues.

  7. Lovely color choices. I do like all sorts of Plus quilts.