Wednesday, May 20, 2020

More Strips

No, not the bright strippy spiral, which is still on my design wall and is slowly being sewn into rows. When I cut all those strips, I cut all the colors of the rainbow.

Since I ended up using all the warm colors for the bright strippy spiral, I was left with a lot of yellow-green, green, blue-green, and blue strips, mostly brights but some lighter prints too. They kept calling me. I think it's the lure of the unknown, the fact that there isn't a pattern and no way to visualize what they'll become without jumping in and playing with them.

I actually had fewer of the cool colors, so this time I decided to make a baby quilt in the stacked columns style. I sewed pairs of strips together and cut them to 6-1/2" lengths, then randomly joined them together into long columns.

Since the bright strippy spiral is still occupying the design wall, I had to lay these out on my cutting table, but it worked well enough. Mostly I didn't want the same print next to itself or forming a horizontal line across.

I see in the photo something I need to fix, where the two middle columns have dark strips across from each other.

The strips were all from stash. I found something in my stash for the sashing, too, a whitish Grunge with green in it. Perfect! although it doesn't photograph well; can you see the splotches of green in it?

This is going together quickly.  Sashing strips attached to columns:

It will get top and bottom borders the same width as the sashing strips. Then I have the perfect green flannel for the backing. This quilt will eventually go to Operation Shower.

Meanwhile it's been fun to see it come together from just a bunch of strips without a plan. I've found that whenever I use analogous color palettes, even without a plan, the quilt usually turns out looking pretty good.

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  1. I like it!!!! Those are some of my Favorite colors!

  2. beautiful colors and a great column pattern or Chinese coins pattern.

  3. That came together quickly and very nicely!

  4. Great quilt top in the making and solid assessment of a good way to work. I love playing without a real plan.

  5. Baby quilts have become my staple for using up scraps. I'm like you, I have to play a little to see my idea come to life. Spent some time this morning making 4Ps. I have no idea what they will become -- so many options.

  6. Very soothing fabrics! Looks absolutely wonderful!

  7. Very pretty Jan. Love these colors. They look like sea glass.

  8. I think one can't go wrong putting blues and greens together, gorgeous!

  9. I love the randomness of plan, just playing. Perfect!

  10. Oh, lovely strippy quilt, it's turning very beautiful.

  11. Lovely colors! Like sea glass :)

    1. Ha ha! I see Bernie said exactly the same thing! Great minds thinking alike.