Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Basket Weave Blocks on my Wall

I pulled out a UFO recently and made the final two blocks needed. The rest of the blocks had been made by my friends in Sew Bee It. 

Here the blocks are on the wall but I see some rearranging I need to do before I sew them together.

The top will get a narrow inner border, the same width as the strips, and a 4" outer border. I'm still looking for fabric for the inner border. I want a very dark maroon or russet or burgundy. Hopefully I can find something, then I'll use the same olive as in the blocks for the outer border.

Maybe I can continue to move this UFO along. I should at least be able to get the center done, even if I get stuck on the borders due to lack of fabric. And any progress at all is good, right?

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  1. Any progress is definitely good. I hope you can find just what you desire for the inner border!

  2. Any progress is good, indeed. At least that is my mantra these days. Why do we let almost-finished projects linger in limbo land?

  3. Yup. Every minute spent sewing is progress on SOMETHING :)

  4. I feel like I have a ton of russet in my stash if you want to come shop at my house (in a socially distanced way, of course!)

  5. This looks fantastic! I loved those blocks when you first showed them

  6. Progress is totally good. THis is a neat color palette

  7. Pretty blocks together, one step at the time and the quilt will be finished ;)