Monday, June 15, 2020

Round 1

I decided to use the one large block I made recently as the center of a round robin style baby quilt. Last week I added round 1.

Originally the four patch round was nine patches, to repeat the center, but it looked too heavy and out of proportion. So a little seam ripper action, and the proportion looks much better. With the narrow green border, this is now 28" square. 

This will eventually become a donation quilt for Operation Shower. If you've ever donated a quilt, you'll like yesterday's post (scroll down). 


  1. Have fun with your round robin baby quilt. Sometimes what the round directions call for just doesn't work with the top in progress. Yep, the four patch looks right. Have fun working on this project.

  2. I like the change to four patch blocks, and the green border ties in really nicely with the center as well.

  3. Oh fun! I'll enjoy watching your rounds.....maybe I'll have to see if I have something I should play with.

  4. Looking good, Jan! I'm waiting to see what you have in store for Round Two. :o))