Monday, October 5, 2020

Around and Around And Around...

 My Log Cabin Triangles quilt needs spiral quilting, starting at the center of the diamond. Here's the flimsy: 

I have a template I made awhile back that I use to mark the center of the spiral. I start the walking foot quilting on about the third ring, going clockwise. When you go clockwise, you get closer to the edge of the quilt with each round.

With the spiral off-center in the quilt top, eventually you'll get to one edge of the quilt first. This is an excellent time to check the bobbin. From this point, each round is broken up by one edge, then two edges, etc. until only the corners of the quilt are left. In the corners, it's easy to just use the guide to gauge the lines of quilting. 

You'll notice that my guide is upside down to the left of the needle. Only one guide came with this machine, intended to be placed to the right of the needle, but in order to stitch around clockwise the guide needs to be on the left. Installing it upside down worked just fine. By keeping the tip of the guide on the previous line of stitching, I was able to get nice even stitch lines. 

After working on this for several days, I had all the walking foot quilting done. Then I came back in with the free motion foot and very carefully and slowly quilted over the markings for the center of the spiral.  

Not bad. A few bobbles and wobbles, but nothing to complain about. 

Hopefully I can get this bound and add a sleeve this week so I can hang it in the dark spot in my family room. 

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  1. The quilting looks great to me; I hope you enjoy the final stages of finishing up the quilt this week!

  2. Looking great! Will you wash it before hanging?

  3. Your spiral looks really great! I know how tedious the process can be. You're smart to have a fairly wide spacing. Made the mistake of 1/2" spacing once and thought the sun would implode and the earth cool before I got it finished!