Friday, October 9, 2020

Finished Log Cabin Triangles

 Finished except for sewing down the sleeve to hang it. 

I think this will lighten up the dark family room hallway nicely, and will certainly look more modern than the khaki and hunter green bear paw quilt that was there. This quilt is bigger and fills the entire space. I'll get a photo once the sleeve is attached and the quilt is hung. 

This is the largest quilt I've ever spiral quilted, but the quilting went smoothly. I used a straw colored thread on the top, just enough darker than the low volume background to show up slightly. 

No one will ever see the back, but even the back turned out well, no puckers or pleats anywhere. 

I named this quilt Lighten Up.  Fitting for both its purpose and for 2020, don't you think? 

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  1. Lighten Up is a very fitting name for the quilt (and year)! Spiral quilting creates such a nice effect. Congratulations on the finish.

  2. It's beautiful, Jan :) Lighten Up is the perfect name. You have that spiral quilting down many times have you done quilted it?

  3. Wonderful quilt! The design, colors, and spiral quilting make it a great focal point for a hallway. Or anywhere! Congrats.

  4. Oh my that was the perfect quilting for this one. And it's spaced so perfectly too, very very nice!

  5. It looks fabulous! The spiral quilting is perfect for the design, and I love the name. The light binding looks just right, too, especially against a light wall. Congrats on a terrific finish :)

  6. WONDERFUL! You've really gotten good at the spiral quilting. And that name is absolutely the right one.