Friday, November 20, 2020

Moving Right Along

 We visited our new house last week and I love it. We're excited and looking forward to the Pebble Creek lifestyle! 

Meanwhile, cleaning, organizing and downsizing are frantically going on at our STL house. Also everything associated with listing our house and getting ready to move. Overwhelming!!!

As part of the cleaning and downsizing, I sent a big yellow bag of orphan blocks, pieces and parts to Louise of Quilt Odyssey. She's a wizard at making beautiful quilts from cast-off bits and pieces. I weighed the bag and it came to more than 6-1/2 pounds! 

The other boxes went to CiL (see last week's post) and QBB. During Covid times QBB needs quilts for US kids in foster care, especially older kids. I asked if they could take my unquilted tops along with backings and bindings and get them finished, and they said yes. So two more UFOs have gone to new homes where they can be finished and donated to kids in foster care. 

One is Sports Plus, which I put together at retreat a couple years ago and never got around to finishing. The prints featuring bicycles, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls are perfect for an older boy. I sent a grey and orange print for the backing and a black & white print for the binding. 

The other was pieced earlier this year during my obsession with strips. I hope these sunny colors will cheer up an older girl. I sent yellow striped flannel (gifted by a friend for use in a donation quilt) for the backing, and olive print binding that matches some of the strips. 

So here's the moving update: The St. Louis house will be listed next week with showings to start on Friday. We close on the new house Dec. 4. DH is researching insurance. I'm researching moving companies and getting estimates from them, which means a walk-through with each agent to input our inventory into their estimate form. We're also up to our eyebrows in Docu-Sign paperwork. 

The carpet cleaner did his thing earlier this week. The photographer comes Monday so we have to finish getting the house fluffed and buffed and ready for its photo shoot. DH has washed all the windows and scrubbed the basement floor and power washed the outside of the house. I've cleaned all the woodwork, baseboards, doors and doorframes, etc.  We've been sorting items to be moved and items to be left behind. We've made arrangements with an estate seller to take everything we don't want to move. 

We go to bed worn out each evening, but we're definitely seeing progress. 

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  1. From COVID zero to lighting fast in just a month, right? Showings starting Friday....where will you go to hang out???

  2. Exciting! Glad you like the new house in person as much as you did online.

  3. Hooray for progress -- good luck when the house is listed!!

  4. How exciting!!! Good luck on selling fast!!!

  5. Crazy times during a crazy time, Jan!! Best of luck with the sale of the old house and the closing for the new house.

  6. It sounds like you are making great progress! I hope that the sale of your home goes smoothly and you have a safe and uneventful move. Do you plan to settle in before Christmas?

  7. Which group is QBB? My guild is always looking for outlets for donation quilts and I am not aware of this group.

    Your quilts are great....and boy quilts are always desperately needed.

    Good luck on the move.

  8. My goodness, what a lot of hard work. You have achieved so much in a short time. Hope the house sells quickly and that your move goes smoothly. Lovely donated quilts and that parcel of orphan blocks will be turned into wonderful quilts.

  9. Oh I just bet you are worn out, soon it will be over and you can resume a somewhat normal life in your new house. Will you be moving into the new house right after closing?

  10. I'm happy to be one of the places that is lightening your "stuff" load! Moving is such hard work, but you are approaching it logically and enthusiastically :)

  11. you'll be nearer to us, not that we're traveling these days. We're in Aurora Co now

  12. So much work involved in a move. But also really exciting times, as well as a perfect opportunity to purge unused/unneeded 'stuff' - enjoy the new house. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your sewing space once it is all set up.