Monday, November 30, 2020

November Stash Report and Goals Update

What a whirlwind this month has been! Not much happened on the quilting front. Lots of non-quilty excitement is going on here, though. 

November Stash Report

IN this month: 0
OUT this month: 39-1/4 yards (All donations: Olive Basket Weave, 2 yards wide backing and 3/4 yard for binding.  Keep Positive, 2 yards wide backing and 3/4 yard binding.  Sports Plus, 4 yards backing and 5/8 yard binding. Yellow Strippy top, 2-1/2 yards and 5/8 yard binding.  Orphan blocks, pieces, and parts to Louise, 26 yards by weight.)

IN YTD: 101-3/4 yards
OUT YTD: 160-5/8 yards

YTD Net Change: 58-7/8 yards OUT

The only new finish for this month was an Operation Shower baby quilt that had been started earlier. I pushed to finish it because I didn't want to deal with a UFO during and after the move. I was able to pass along all the OS quilts I've made during Covid times to my guild's OS coordinator. 

Much of my fabric counted out for this month was for donations of tops with backings and bindings. Check out my three previous posts below for tops sent to QBB for kids in foster care, tops for CiL, and baby quilts for Operation Shower. 

I don't believe I ever blogged about this one, pieced during my obsession with strips earlier this year. This one went to QBB. The leftover bits and strip sets went to Louise and I'm sure she'll do something magical with them for CiL. 

So while the stash report shows a big decrease for this month, the goals report isn't looking so good. 

November Goals Recap

1. Add borders to the pixelated quilt, get fleece for backing, layer and baste it. Only partial progress; the borders are added and I purchased the fleece for backing, but then progress stopped. 

2. Bind Corona Medallion. DONE, no photos yet but I've been using it as my sofa quilt. 

3. Make a quick and easy quilt for STLMQG's LEO quilt drive, due end of November. Not done. I delivered Bug Splatter to them but the other quilt planned to be made in November didn't happen. It's cut and partially started but it will have to remain a UFO for awhile. 

4. If time permits, finish another Operation Shower baby quilt. DONE, finished one started in October, the coral whirligig quilt shown above.

December Goals

1. Finish the pixelated quilt to gift for Christmas. Not sure when we'll be celebrating with the recipient, possibly as early as Dec. 16th, so I really need to get this done. If that can't happen, it will have to become a b-day gift in Feb. but I'd rather give it to him in person. 

Even one quilty goal is a stretch for me this month. Our move from St. Louis to Goodyear AZ is progressing nicely but we still have a lot of work to do. 

We close on the new house this week. We're doing it remotely rather than travelling out there because of Covid. 

We spent most of November scrambling to get our St. Louis house spiffed up and ready to put on the market. This place hasn't been this clean in years!!! The listing went live last Wednesday with showings not to start until Friday. Our realtor anticipated a lot of interest because houses are selling quickly in this area and many people would be off work the day after Thanksgiving. 

Boy, was that an understatement. We had 22  - yes, twenty-two -  showings on Friday, resulting in four serious offers. We have a primary contract and a back-up contract. 

Now we're working on getting rid of stuff we don't want to move, getting estimates from moving companies, working out the scheduling and travel details (with the dog to consider), etc.. We have a very busy December ahead of us! If I can finish the pixelated quilt in time, I'll consider that a big quilty goal met for December. 

So even though nothing new is on my design wall, I'm linking up with 
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  1. Congratulations on closing on your new home in AZ and on already having a contract on your current home!

  2. Yahoo!!!! A primary and a back up offer right away. Sweet to have it rolling along right away....definitely keeps the timeline pressure up, though! I hope you’ll find to to finish the pixelated quilt :).

  3. Congratulations on the contract with a spare. You'll get it all done - one thing at a time!

  4. I think it is quite understandable that your quilting goals were delayed this month. Selling a house is hard work! I'm very excited to have your leftover blocks and pieces. When I finish quilts using them, you can count them toward your goals, OK? :)