Sunday, December 27, 2020

Annual Goals

I'm joining Yvonne over at Quilting Jetgirl for the 2021 goal setting link up. But first, let's look back at 2020. The year certainly didn't turn out how I thought it would last year when I set 2020 goals, but then, whose year did?!!

2020 Goals

1. Use (or give away) at least as much fabric as I bring into the stash. Yes, now there is nearly 60 yards less in the stash than there was at the beginning of the year. 

2. Blog at least once a week; continue posting monthly goals and stash reports because they keep me focused and accountable. Yes, most weeks I've blogged a couple of times, some weeks three times, and I've kept up with the monthly reports. 

3. As time permits, continue making donation quilts (see #9). Yes, due to Covid and staying at home there was ample time for sewing. I made 14 donation quilts, mostly for Operation Shower.

Little Birds, for Operation Shower

4. Review list of UFOs and determine whether to keep & finish or get rid of each one. Finish at least two of the projects on the list. Finished one quilt on the list, Have Faith, and sent 9 unquillted tops out. 

Modern Triangles, top sent to CiL

5. Send unquilted donation tops to someone who can/is willing to quilt and donate them. Sent 5 tops to CIL in January and two more in December; also sent two to QBB.  

Keep Positive, top donated to CiL

6. Participate in Hands2Help and 12DCIJ. Yes; participated in H2H but 12DCIJ did not take place. Also participated in Christmas blog hop events with Bernie of Needle and Foot. 

Have Faith, donated to H2H

7. Do something with the STLMQG Color Spoke BOM blocks, perhaps inspired by the Gypsy Wife concept. Yes, Color Spoke is finished to a flimsy and is layered and basted for quilting. 

Color Spoke Challenge flimsy

8. Complete WIGSP Piecing Group project to a flimsy. Yes, not only a flimsy, but it has been quilted by Sandy and is ready to be trimmed and bound. 

the WIGSP top ( now known as How Many
and the Piecing Group members who helped make it

9. Prep for moving to AZ and living in temporary housing for several months. In progress. Although this did not happen in the spring as planned, the move will take place in January 2021 with no need for temporary housing. 

My New House

Not exactly as I expected, after all it was 2020, but certainly not bad. 

In addition, I made three significant quilts that were not donations, Corona Medallion, Warm Strippy Spiral, and Lighten Up LCT. 

Corona Medallion

Corona Medallion is now my sofa quilt; I use it daily. 

Lighten Up LCT, below, was made to brighten a dark hallway prior to putting my house on the market. Little did I know when I hung it last fall that the house would go on the market as soon as November! My SIL has admired this quilt and I don't have a need for it, so I will give it to her before we move. 
Lighten Up LCT

Warm Strippy Spiral

I offered Warm Strippy Spiral to my son when he was here for Christmas, and he accepted, so now this is his sofa quilt. It goes nicely with his home which is decorated in greys and neutrals, so it provides a nice pop of color. 

2021 Goals

1. Move to new home in AZ and get settled in.

2. Join quilt guild at Pebble Creek.

3. Blog on average at least once a week; some weeks will involve travel so there may be stretches without any blog posts. 

4. Bind and finish the WIGSP, now known as How Many.

5. Quilt, bind and finish Color Spoke. If possible, enter it into STLMQG's show in July. 

6. Start a new long-term or complicated project or BOM. 

7. Continue making donation quilts as opportunities with PC Quilters become available.

8. If possible, enter Corona Medallion into CSQ's show in October. If WIGSP is eligible, enter that too.

If all that doesn't keep me busy, I'm sure I can find other projects that will! Linking up with Yvonne's planning party at Quilting Jetgirl. 


  1. Your scrappy spiral is beautiful! And your new house is so pretty!

  2. Such a productive year, Jan! Best wishes for 2021 and much happiness in your new home.

  3. Congratulations on your successes in 2020 (despite everything!) -- hope the move goes smoothly! (I especially like Corona Medallion. I'm making a note of Strippy Spiral.)

  4. I love how you calculated yardage in and out rather than doing full inventory. I could do that!

  5. Lovely, lovely quilts and a very productive year. Good luck with your move to your beautiful new home!

  6. It’s wonderful to see all you accomplished In 2020. Definitely takes some of the sting out of a difficult, unexpected year. I hope all goes well with your move and that you’ll settle in nicely. And yay for not having it be a two-step process with temporary housing. I’m looking forward to seeing how living in the southwest will influence your quilting.