Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Quilt Bloggers Guess Who

Check out Bernie's post at Needle and Foot for a game of Quilters Guess Who, to add a little fun to 2020!   See if you can match the childhood pics to quilt bloggers today. 

And since we're going wa-a-a-a-ay back, I'll show you the very first quilt I blogged about back in 2013. This quilt is not going to Arizona with me, so last week I gave it to my great niece. It's absolutely her taste (her mom's, too) and now that she's 11, she deserves something sophisticated but still girly and big enough for her new queen size bed. 

Mega Medallion, 96 x 98", Pieced in 2013
Quilted by Sandy Etheridge in 2014


  1. Oh wow, what a wonderful gift for your niece. And the Guess Who game is so fun; I'm still puzzling over a few!

  2. That one is so cool! Was that your first quilt? or just your first blog post? Its so incredible!

  3. What a wonderful way to keep that pretty quilt in the family and make your niece feel extra grown up :)

  4. Such a special gift Jan. I bet she will just love it! Really pretty colors.