Sunday, January 31, 2021

January Stash Report and Goals Update

 Well, actually mostly just Stash Report because this is what I listed for January Goals:

1.  No quilt related goals due to moving. 

I do have some goals for February, but due to getting settled into our new home, they're not very ambitious.  

1. Participate in PC Quilters charity sew day
2. Hang flannel on design wall 
3. Pull fabrics for potential new project in work in EQ8
4. Refine design for potential new project
5. Participate in guild Zoom meetings

We'll see how much actual cutting and sewing I get to do. I miss it. 

As far as the stash report goes, I almost got through the month with nothing in and nothing out, but when I ordered the 108" flannel to cover my design wall, a few potential prints for the project I'm designing in EQ jumped into my cart so I could get free shipping. And since more variety is better, I kind of got carried away. So, six yards came in. The stash is up six yards for the month and the year. I'm already in the hole for the year as far as my goal to break even or reduce the stash goes.

In other quilty updates, I joined the PC quilters, and signed up to participate in a charity sewing day for making boy themed quilts for a charity they support. They have a shortage of quilts suitable for big boys, and I can help with that and meet a few people in a small group setting. Socially distanced and masked, of course. 

We're starting to get settled into our new house and find our way around the neighborhood. We hung one of my all-time favorite quilts in the foyer, Seasonal Migration. This is a big quilt, 78 by 90 inches;  this photo was taken from across a double-wide hallway, in the doorway to the den.

To the left is the front door; to the right is the living room and kitchen. Eventually we may get a new credenza for this space, larger and more rustic. That buffet server came from the dining room in the old house but it looks too formal here. 

We've ordered a sofa and an area rug for the living room, but lead times are weeks and months out, so we will make do with bare tile floors and the old futon in the meantime. Murphy doesn't like tile floors so I made him a couple more beds with foam cushions and fleece covers. Two fleece pillowcases, the only sewing I've done in ages! 

I'm looking forward to more sewing in February. 


  1. I hear you about missing sewing. The only thing I've sewn so far are patches onto several of my husband's shorts. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to do something project related in the next week or so. I hope that the charity event this month is enjoyable and I think it's a great way to start to get to know a few people in your new guild. Seasonal Migration looks wonderful hanging!

  2. Every little thing means progress - whether it is placing the order or actually receiving the items. (it took over 5 months to get the three replacement windows, two with arched tops, for our upstairs). And getting a quilt hung stamps this house as home - congratulations!

  3. That looks really nice. I love the quilt. How did you hang a quilt that size?

  4. I love your quilt. That looks great hanging on the wall. How did you hang it?

  5. How wonderful your quilt looks hanging on the wall! It must make y'all feel much more at home to see it each day. It's exciting to find just the right spot for your treasures, but I bet you will also be excited when you feel like your things are in the right places, and you can shift your energy to new things--including more sewing!