Friday, January 22, 2021

New Sewing Room

 Whoo-hoo! My new sewing room is coming along. Scroll down to see what it looked like Monday. Now the furniture is in place, and some of the boxes are unpacked. 

There's still a lot to be done, but it will take time. The design wall will go on the wall that's out of the picture on the right (behind where those boxes are) and DH will have to install it but he has lots of more urgent priorities. 

Those boxes are two of five containing my fabric stash, and we need to install shelves in the closet for the stash. Due to Covid we're having trouble locating the parts we need for the closet shelves. Every store and website we've looked at so far for the specific shelf system we want is out of stock on key components. Therefore the fabric stash will remain packed in boxes for awhile. 

But the sewing room is mostly organized and there's definitely been progress since Monday, so I'm happy. 

P.S. We're making progress unpacking the rest of the house, too. 

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  1. It looks like it is coming along very well! I can definitely relate to not having all the shelving units desired, although I suspect we are even more limited here on an island (people joke that you don't buy what you want, you buy what is available here). Doesn't it feel good to start fresh?!?

  2. With the sewing machine, cutting table, and pressing station in place, you are ready to rock and roll, Jan!! Well... Once the fabric is more easily assessible. :o))

  3. Looking good!!! Is your cutting station still available? The height looks perfect! Right now I use a table on bed risers. Can’t wait to see your new sewing room!

  4. I'm happy that it's turning out so nice and bright and spacious! I hope you get your shelving parts soon.