Friday, March 12, 2021

Not Much Sewing Going On Here This Week

We've been busy doing other stuff. 

We try to go on some sort of outing at least once a week, outdoors and socially distanced, with masks, etc. if needed. This week we went to the town of Cave Creek and hiked in a park near there. 

The area had a lot of saguaros. They only grow at certain elevations and on certain hillsides, but there were a lot of them, big ones with multiple arms, in this park. 

The fuzzy-looking cactus below is Cholla. Beware, it's said that cholla will reach out and grab you. The "fuzz" is all needles. Actually, bits of the cholla break off and stick to whatever brushed against them, and that's how the seeds are spread. The ocotillo at right is leafed out. Otherwise it looks like a bundle of sticks with thorns. 

The hike took us uphill to overlook a valley with a creek running through it, then down along the creek. Very green down there due to the presence of water. 

There were many of these grand old saguaros which are hundreds of years old. These are some of the biggest ones I've ever seen. Well watered, and somewhat sheltered in the creek valley. You can see there's even green vegetation and more trees down there due to the proximity to water, 

So that's my excuse for no sewing this week. I did sign up to participate in Hands2Help over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, so maybe I'll have something to post soon. Check it out and join in if you can. 


  1. Glad you two enjoyed an exploration trip!

  2. I don’t blame you for getting out and about!!! We’ve been cooped up for too long!!! Enjoy your time outdoors!!!

  3. One of the happy side effects of the online quilting community, beside all the great ideas for more projects, is seeing the different environments and landscapes in other parts of the US and beyond. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Definitely different scenery than you'll get in Missouri!