Wednesday, March 24, 2021

So Cute I had to Drop Everything and Play with It

The animal print from Libby, that is. 

It's perfect for a toddler boy quilt. Since the fabric does all the work, I kept it simple. Just borders and chevrons. The chevron center is complete and ready for the borders to be added. 

There's enough of the print (folded two ply here) to make borders up to 12" wide, as shown above. I'm thinking of reducing the width to 9 or 10" to have a more pleasing proportion. I worked it out in EQ and I think the 9" border option looks best. It would result in a quilt that measures 42" by 50". For a toddler, I think that's fine.  

I'm so disappointed in all the photos I've tried to take of this fabric and this project. What looks like a washed out yellow in all the photos is really a very pretty bright yellow-green which matches the frogs in the print. Maybe when it's finished and I can get some outdoor shots the photos will come out better. 

This will soon be a finished flimsy, but I'm planning on finishing the binding on the rainbow charm donation quilt for a Friday finish this week, so even though I dropped everything to make this one, it'll have to wait until I get that one finished. 

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  1. The chevrons have a very Charlie Brown feeling to them (which I like) and letting the print do the heavy lifting for the quilt top makes a lot of sense. Sounds like you have great plans for quilting for the next few weeks!

  2. I figured that would be where you'd start! It's going to be so cute!

  3. That's going to be a darling quilt! I wondered what fabric Libby sent in exchange for that gorgeous yardage you sent her. Now, I know. :o))

  4. 42"x50" is a great toddler size. I've seen the fabric in person at shop, and you're right that the colors just don't photo well. It's so bright and happy in person :)