Monday, June 7, 2021

Coral Strippy HSTs

 More Strippy HSTs! I wanted to make a version with light feature fabrics and darker strips. It's all about the contrast but the other Strippy HST quilts I've made had dark feature fabrics and light strips. 

I pulled a selection of fabrics in the orange - coral - pink range for the strips and then found some light prints in my stash that would harmonize with them. 

I cut two 8-1/2" squares out of each light print and creased them on the diagonal. 

I cut lots of coral, pink, and orange strips. Lots. Way too many. Strips are 2" wide and 13-1/2", 11-1/2" and 8-1/2" long.  The side triangles are 4" squares cut in half. 

When sewn together the strippy unit is larger than the 8-1/2" square. 

Making sure the crease in the light squares was perpendicular to the seams in the strippy unit, I sewed a scant 1/4" on each side of the crease. 

Then cut the unit apart on the crease and pressed toward the light triangles. 

Blocks were squared up and trimmed to 8" unfinished. 

I started with 12 light prints and two squares of each; each square and strippy unit makes two blocks. I ended up with 48 blocks for a 6 x 8 layout which will finish at 45" x 60". 

Now the blocks are on the design wall. I played with some layouts and I'm going with this one. 

This is the same block I used for the PCQ charity quilts in May, tutorial here. This block has turned out to be more versatile than I ever imagined. 

This quilt is intended as a donation quilt that will go to a breast cancer patient. I was going to send it to Happy Chemo as part of Hands2Help, but there is a need in my neighborhood so it will be donated locally. 

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  1. You are right about the block being versatile - I love HSTS for that very reason.

  2. Very versatile indeed! I really like this color palette and hope your neighbor is able to be in remission soon.

  3. Love it!!! Thank you for the info.

  4. Thanks for sharing this block. I think it will be great for our guild's outreach group. I can't wait to give it a go.

  5. Local causes are a welcomed part of Hands2Help, Jan. That's going to be a lovely donation!

  6. I'm impressed with the amount of coral, orange and pink fabric you have. My oranges have been plundered too many times and I don't think I have anything in coral. But I sure like the end result.