Monday, June 21, 2021

Lotta Projects, Little Progress

We took a little road trip last week to Santa Fe. Along the way, we had to stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona. Of course.  

Other than that I didn't take pics. We visited the shops and galleries that were open in Santa Fe but sadly many didn't survive the year of Covid and were closed. Since we were travelling I didn't spend much time sewing last week. 

I have lots of projects in work, projects I can work on a little at a time. There are several groups that get together at the sewing room in the Creative Arts Center (CAC). On Monday nights there's Hot Summer Nights sewing, just an informal gathering of year-rounders. On Wednesdays there's a group that sew and go out to lunch. Some of the same people are in both groups and are also on the club's Charity Committee, so I'm getting to know them better.  Between Monday night social sewing, Wednesday go-out-to-lunch social sewing, and prep for retreat, I have multiple projects in work. Tonight I'll take my Color Spoke Challenge quilt to hand sew the sleeve on. 

One of my social sewing projects is another Strippy HST. We cut more strips than we needed for the Charity Committee's kids' quilts, so I pulled all the yellow ones, cut a few more, and found a navy floral print in the club's stash that harmonizes nicely with the yellows. This will be a donation quilt that will go to the local social services agency for abused women. 

Another WIP is the Star Spangled Spiral remake that I'll take to retreat in July. I need to finish cutting for the white blocks and kit them up. The star blocks are already kitted, some already made. 

And after making the test block for the new snake quilt, I committed to the project and started prepping for more blocks. I'll take this project to retreat, too. Blocks require tracing templates and cutting them by hand, and paper piecing the arcs. I have a few blocks traced and a few arcs pieced. 

Lotta projects and little progress, so no finishes on the horizon. Except maybe the sleeve on the Color Spoke quilt. 

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  1. Jan does your neighborhood have get togethers for the husbands or for couples? I would love all the women get togethers but it would be nice for the men to have something to do. Couple activities would be fun too.