Friday, July 2, 2021

June Stash Report and Goals Update

My gosh, what a busy month June was! And I don't have much in the way of finishes to show for it, but several new starts. A little stash enhancement, too, with more to come in July. 

June Stash Report: 

IN this month: 9-1/2 yards (Quilter's estate sale 7-1/4 yards; from Bernie 1 yard; FQ bundle from H2H 1-1/4 yards)
OUT this month: 5-7/8 yards (Coral Strippy HST top, 2-1/2 yards. Backing, 2-3/4 yards. Binding, 5/8 yard. )

IN YTD: 51-3/8 yards
OUT YTD: 49-5/8
YTD Net Change: 1-3/4 yards added to the stash.  

I've actually cut a lot for a new project, but since I don't count the fabric used until it's a flimsy or a finished quilt, what I've cut isn't counted yet. I cut a lot of strips from my old batik stash and I'm in the process of sewing them together race style, to make pillow covers for chaise lounge pillows per DH's request. These will also be used for FMQ practice. Here's where I'm at so far - a chunk 48" wide and about 5 yards long. I know, I cut way too many strips!!! I'll ask DH if he wants the stripes running vertical or horizontal on his pillows, and either cut panels from this or seam it together again to make it wider and shorter. This photo is a section about 45" square.

I'm going shopping today with a couple of new friends to a new-to-me quilt shop. I have no clue where, exactly, just that it's about an hour away, but they think it's a good quilt shop so we're having a road trip and lunch outing. I'm sure a little stash enhancement will occur. 

Goals Update: 

I had a lot of goals this month, and we were gone on a little trip to Santa Fe for a few days, but I actually managed to make progress on all of them. Especially meaningful was finishing my Coral Strippy HST quilt, and then giving it locally instead of mailing it off for Hands2Help. 

June Goals Recap: 

1. Finish coral Strippy HST quilt for Hands2Help and get both H2H quilts sent off. Finished; Coral Strippy was donated locally and Rainbow Charms was sent to Happy Chemo. 

2. Plan and prep a project to work on at Weds. morning and Mon. evening sew days with the PCQ club. Yes, pulled yellow strips left over from cutting for the Strippy HST charity quilts, found a nice blue in the charity stash, and started another Strippy HST quilt to work on.

3. Finish the binding on Color Spoke Challenge. Done; also added the sleeve. 

4. Start sewing blocks for Star Spangled Spiral (kit them up to work on at social sewing days/evenings with the PC girls). Started and kitted up; will take them on retreat. 

5. Make progress on the binding on How Many (WIGSP). Progress; 2nd side is stitched down. Hand sewing is good for Monday nights so this will be ongoing until the binding and sleeve are completed. 

6. Plan and prep projects for retreat in July.  Done - planning a new Snake Quilt. Pattern is drafted, templates are made, test block is sewn, and prep for retreat is in work.

7. Make placemats for FMQ practice. Progress… Changed from placemats to pillow covers. Batik strips have been cut and joined end-to-end for race-style piecing, and long seams have commenced. 

8. Do muscle memory "homework" assigned by Linda L.  Progress - Tried doing it with pencil and paper but found it better to practice on a quilt sandwich. Made loops, figure eights, and hearts and used the hearts on the Coral Strippy HST quilt. Continued practicing on the muslin sandwich. 

Whew! Like I said, a busy month. It helps, though, that I'm going to Hot Summer Nights sewing on Monday evenings and sewing and lunch on Wednesdays, opportunities to work on projects, and get together with new friends. 

Navy Strippy HST blocks, Wednesday sewing

Test blocks for new Snake Quilt

July Goals: 
1. Continue navy & yellow strippy HST blocks at Wednesday sewing; assemble top and add borders. 

2. Continue hand sewing binding on How Many, (the WIGSP). 

3. Continue working on batik race pillow covers and practice FMQ on them. 

4. Continue prep for retreat - kitting up snake quilt and star spiral blocks.

5. Plan PCQ challenge project and kit it up to take along on retreat. 

6. Have fun at retreat.

This is definitely a shorter list than last month! 

So even though I don't have many finishes this month, I did accomplish a lot, so I'm linking up with Whoop Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Finished or Not at Alycia Quilts.


  1. Your batik layout is looking good!!!

  2. The coral stripey hst quilt is cute. Good luck on your July goals.

  3. Finishes aren't the end all be all, Jan, as long as you are having fun!!

  4. SO happy to see how you're making new friends in your new location -- your posts reflect that joy outwards!

  5. Great goals!! and I bet where you are there are some hot summer nights!!