Thursday, November 18, 2021

Better Photos of HOW MANY

 As promised, I was finally able to take some better photos of HOW MANY.  On a - rare - overcast day I borrowed a quilt stand, enlisted DH's help, and took photos. 

Turns out, this quilt is very hard to photograph well. To get any detail in the black, the light portion is blown out, and to see the colors in the light part, the black loses any detail. This is the best photo of the bunch. 

I'm entering HOW MANY into the AQS Paducah show in the Group category. They require a full on shot and a detail shot. My detail shot turned out pretty well. Custom quilting by my friend Sandy. 

For entries into the group category AQS requires a photo of the group of participants as well. Here we are, proudly showing off the finished top, after our group worked on hand piecing it for several years. 

I need to get my AQS Paducah show entry in this week. Wish me luck! 

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  1. That is the problem I have with my colorwash photography. I now have the soft box lighting on stands with the white diffuser cloth in front of the bulbs and it is helping to get truer color all over the quilt.

  2. The quilt just glows! Good luck with your entry. :)

  3. Good luck at Paducah. It sure is a stunner!

  4. That is really pretty - the light just moves all over