Friday, February 11, 2022

Basketweave Top

 The third in my series of charity quilt teaching samples for PCQ is now a finished top. 

This one finishes at 60 x 80" using 48 blocks.

This one was made from my own stash; I just love analogous color combos. Here I pulled all the versions of blue, turquoise, teal, aqua and cool green I could find. When we make this pattern using the club's stash we'll end up with a lot more dark old fashioned prints instead of these bright modernish prints, but if we stick to analogous colors or themed palettes such as patriotic or Autumnal, we'll be okay.  

I'm so glad I have the die cutter to help with cutting all the 2-1/2" strips these quilts require.

Three down, one to go...

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  1. WoW! That's cool one! Thanks for the hint to use themes for a varied stash. I seem to have lots of darker "ugly" colors. I'm going to try to build some strips and see what happens.

  2. I LOVE 10" blocks. Makes the math so easy :-p Fabulous finish and a perfect pattern too.

  3. That's a neat pattern. I might talk myself into a die cutter one of these days, but I really don't have space for it right now.

  4. This is wonderful - I love the color scheme