Friday, February 25, 2022

Tumbler Quilt for Charity

 The tumbler quilt I pieced with fabrics from Carla's box is now a finished quilt. It will go to the local hospice we support. 

The fabrics mostly came from the box of goodies that Carla destashed and passed to me for charity quilts. 

I added a couple and found a few more lights in the club's stash, and I used the 6" tumbler die to cut them. The flimsy went together quickly. 

There was some of the burgundy rose print that drove the palette left over so I found something else in the club's stash that harmonized with it and cobbled together a backing. I used that green and burgundy stripe for the binding - I love a striped binding and the colors are perfect. 

Someone in the club quilted it; it was used for long arm training and they used the River Run panto. I would not have chosen this panto because I think the diagonal quilting fights with the diagonal tumbler seams a bit, but that's just me. I would have preferred just an allover smallish meander. No big deal, it's a comfort quilt and it will serve its purpose well. 

Rather than chop off the points of the tumbler shapes on the sides, I bound around them - just to see if I could - and it worked fine.

Now this quilt is ready to go to it's destination the next time we take a load of quilts to hospice. 

Sorry for the too sunny photos - the light is really harsh here!

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  1. Congrats on another lovely donation quilt finish, Jan! Many of us have lighting issues with quilt photography, don't we? My indoor photos make everything too yellow and many of my outdoor photos are overly shadowed. Either way, we're sharing our quilts and that's the important part!

  2. A perfect finish and I too love that striped binding very much. A tumbler quilt is in my future so love to see these ideas. How kind you are to donate your work too.

  3. What a fun idea to bind the edges of the tumbler rather than square off the edges. I like how it adds a fun texture to the whole quilt. Very cool idea!