Wednesday, February 2, 2022

January Stash Report and Goals Update

 Well, January certainly went off the rails as far as goals went, but it was good for the stash report. Very productive all around, actually. I had an ambitious list of goals, but then my role on PCQ's charity committee became more about planning for certain sew days, using the club's mish-mash stash, and developing and writing up patterns, so that's what I spent most of my time on this month. 

PCQ Color Bars Charity Quilt Sample Top

PCQ Charity Quilt for Kids

Let's start with the Goals update and we'll catch up with the stash report afterward. 

January Recap
1. Prep for and teach Cut and Shuffle class on 1/18. DONE

2. Assemble the coral snake blocks into a flimsy and assemble backing. No. Blocks are off the wall and have been labeled and kitted up for later assembly.

3. Assemble the blue floral strip top from Carla's box. Progress; strips are sewn together; top needs borders added. 

4. Plan and kit up donation quilts from Carla's second box. Yes, combined some of Carla's UFOs with coordinating fabrics from my stash and put them in the Intake bin in the club's sewing room. Kept a kit for my own future use, too.

5. Quilt something on the club's long arm. Yes, quilted the Sock Monkey Plus donation quilt. Learned freehand meandering from the front of the machine.

6. Participate in the No Shame Train and finish a UFO. No; priorities for the month changed and I worked on patterns for PCQ's charity quilts instead. No UFOs were touched.

7. Plan a new long term complicated and challenging project to work on over time. No, did not get to this.

Other accomplishments this month: 

1. Wrote up instructions for Fidget Mats for PCQ's website and made samples. 

2. Developed 4 simple quilt ideas suitable for use with PCQ's stash, made test blocks, and wrote up all four of the patterns. 

3. Completely pieced two of the patterns for teaching samples: Color Bars and the Quilt for Kids. 

4. Began making blocks for the third sample top, Strippy Basket Weave.

Quilted on the long arm, by me

February Goals: Since I didn't manage to get to several of my January goals, they'll have to be bumped to February. However, due to PCQ the charity committee's project schedule, I need to get the quilt sample tops done first. 

1. Finish the third PCQ charity quilt teaching sample top. 

2. Make the fourth PCQ charity quilt sample top.

3. Bind and label the Sock Monkey Plus donation quilt. 

4. Finish the blue floral strip top from Carla's box. 

5. If possible, bind the Cabbage Rose Tumblers donation quilt (currently awaiting quilting).

6. Quilt something on the club's long arm. 

7. Assemble the coral snake blocks into a flimsy and make backing.

8. Participate in the No Shame Train and make progress on a UFO. 

Blocks for Third PCQ Charity Quilt Sample

So, another busy month is planned for February. Since I was able to finish two samples for the charity projects using fabrics from my stash, my stash report is looking pretty good. 

Stash Report: 
January and YTD  IN: 2-1/2 yards (quilter's estate sale 2-1/2 yards)
January and YTD  OUT: 6-5/8 yards out (Fidget mat, 1/4 yard.  Test blocks, 1/2 yard.  Donated to kit, 3/8 yard  Color Bars top, about 3 yards.  Kid Quilt sample, about 2-1/2 yards.)

YTD Net Change: 4-1/8 yards OUT. It's nice to start the year moving in the right direction! My goal is to break even or reduce the stash by the end of the year. Starting with yardage out gives me a little wiggle room for shopping. 

In February I'll have more usage to count out after I get the blue basketweave top done because that's all my own stash. Then I'll figure out what to use for the fourth charity pattern sample and whether that will be all my stash or some combo of mine and the club's. 

I'll certainly be busy, with lots to do during a short month! 

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