Friday, July 8, 2022

A Quilt for Natalie's House

 Natalie's House is one of the charities supported by PebbleCreek Quilters. It's a group home for six hard-to-place girls in foster care, ages 6 to 17. We provide twin bed quilts, and as each girl moves on, she gets to keep her quilt. The staff at Natalie's House are anticipating some turnover in late summer/early fall and they want to have a few quilts on hand so that new arrivals will immediately have a quilt on their bed. They've requested twin size 70 x 90. 

When I found out about the request I thought we didn't have much time to make twin size quilts. But I had one of the prototypes for the PCQ Charity patterns, the Basketweave top, which could have borders added to bring it up to size. The original top measured 60 x 80" and featured shades of blue, aqua, teal, and cool green. Isn't the blue sky a perfect match for it in this photo?!

I added 6" borders to each side, bringing it up to 72 x 92" before quilting. The blue netting print border is the same color as that beautiful sky. 

Tomorrow another member of the PCQ Charity committee and I are quilting this on the club's long arm. Mary is the quilter and I'm the helper, since she knows what she's doing far better than I do. She has much more experience than I have, so we can choose a panto that flatters the top. The backing and batting are prepped and ready to go. After we get it quilted I'll bind it. I have binding ready to go, too.  

I'm glad this prototype is actually getting finished and will be a useful bedspread quilt for a girl who deserves something of her very own. I know it's not pink and cutesy, but I'm sure there's a girl who will be glad to have it. 

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  1. I'm positive that the quilt is going to go to someone who is going to love it. I hope you have a fun day working with Mary and getting the quilting done tomorrow.

  2. I love that border that you added - its just perfect!

  3. These colors are so soothing and beautiful. It will be so nice for an older child, especially. Great finish!

  4. Fabulous! It is really beautiful. Quiltdivajulie

  5. Wonderful cause. Wonderful quilt :)

  6. The border really sets off this quilt! Wow!