Friday, July 1, 2022

Tangerine Quarter Log Cabins, a Finish

Recently I posted about a finished top made from Carla's extra blocks. Turns out, they weren't from a UFO after all; her finished quilt using this collection of blocks looks terrific. These were extras she passed along. I adopted them, made a couple more, added some bright tangerine, and ended up with a top for a donation quilt. 

Tangerine, because I wanted a bright solid. Red or pink would have been too expected, and I had used teal on the last black and white quilt. Tangerine is a spring orange so it doesn't look Halloween when combined with black like an autumn orange. And it's gender neutral. What's not to love about tangerine?! 

Carla has a computerized long arm and she's been after me to come quilt with her, so this was the perfect project to quilt together. She wants the practice using the computer features - there's a very steep learning curve. I wanted something other than just my usual meander to enhance this quilt. 

Together we loaded it on her frame and looked through her library of patterns. We chose this circle design because I wanted something modern with curves to contrast with the angular piecing. After she figured out how to select the pattern and position it where we wanted, the first pass went smoothly. The machine just magically stitched and the pattern appeared. Wow! 

Positioning the second pass is where the learning curve kicked in, but she got it figured out. Once learned, the third and fourth passes went quickly. 

We had sized the pattern to make it fit in four passes and the scale turned out great. It's just an accident that the circle repeat is a good size for the side triangles. The largest circles are about 3-1/2" in diameter. The overall look is modern and clean, and nicely enhances the piecing. We were pleased with the overall effect when we took it off the frame. 

I took the quilt to social sewing earlier this week and bound it. The binding is a cute bias plaid I picked up when I went fabric shopping with friends last week, knowing it would make great binding. 

So now this is a finished quilt, ready to be donated to the local social services agency. Not bad for a baggie of leftover blocks and strips! 

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  1. I love the collaboration and friendship that is clearly developing between you and Carla (and all the local quilters there). And the binding frames and sets it off so well. And I agree, what's not to love about this and the Tangerine?! :)

  2. How fun! It turned out wonderfully :)

  3. I love the tangerine, it makes the whole quilt just pop!! Good work ladies:)

  4. Perfect color combo! The quilting motif is perfect, too.

  5. Awww it is perfect!! and you gotta love it when the panto works just perfectly for the quilt right???

  6. I figured out I need to go to chrome to leave a comment... but here I am! This orange black and white quilt is so graphic. Love the quilting, and well everything about it. I want one... I suppose I should stop everything and make it! LeeAnna

  7. Love your quilt! I dont know which tops it off more ... the red or the dazzling bindng.

  8. I love all the shades of orange, but tangerine just may be my new favorite! Gorgeous!

  9. Great finish. I love quarter log cabins, they always look awesome in scrappy quilts.