Friday, January 6, 2023


This quilt - Shards - is named for the focus print, which looks to me like broken pieces of colored glass. I always thought this fabric would be good for a donation quilt for a guy because the colors are so masculine. 

It's just a simple double four patch. The fabrics do all the work. The quilting is a simple meander - I was able to get a time slot on PCQ's long arm last week and knock this one out. 

Shards will be a donation quilt for Hospice. It's 60 x 76", big enough for most men. 

A slightly overcast day with weak winter sun was perfect for taking photos, such a rarity here in sunny Arizona. The colors came out really good in these's photos. 

I rarely have a chance to use this section of wall for photos due to the shadows on it most of the time.  That Shards print almost matches the landscape rocks.  


  1. Oh wow, the Shards print really does almost match the landscape rocks. Congratulations on the finish and on a slightly overcast rain. I hope you've had some rain there; we are surprised by the amount of rain we have been receiving here!