Monday, September 11, 2023

Kaffe Stained Glass Project Update

This is the Kaffe stained glass project with the rows halfway sewn together and placed on the wall with the sashing strips. 

I cannot look at this photo without cringing. The purple is not right; it's too light. There needs to be darker gridwork in front of the prints. (And two of the blocks in one of the rows are turned the wrong way.)

So I've been spending time with my seam ripper. I'm taking out all the horizontal and vertical sashing in the purple section, but leaving the diagonals because I don't want to mess up the bias seams. I bought new darker purple fabric and I'm hoping this will look okay with just the darker horizontal and vertical sashing. 

I had to label each block as I unsewed the rows in order to keep the layout organized. With the labels on all the blocks, it's hard to tell whether this totally solved the problem or if I'll have to swap out the diagonal sashing after all. It's definitely an improvement but now I'm afraid the grid looks too square, the diagonals within it disappear. 

I'm thinking of keeping this quilt for me - there's a wall in my sewing room where it could hang. If I'm going to see this quilt every time I go in there, I want it to be right. I'm leaning toward taking it apart again and replacing the diagonals with the darker purple. 

What do you think? Comments? Opinions? 

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  1. In the photo, I don't see an issue. But I know that for me, if I think something needs to be changed to be better, I need to go ahead and change. Nancy R

  2. Maybe it's just my computer, but I'm not noticing the new darker sashing particularly. Maybe because the aqua parts give a lighter "glowing" impression?

    Or is this a case of being one's own harshest critic?


  3. There is variation in value in the pinks in the diagonals in the upper portion of the quilt, so I think that the lighter purple diagonal sashing fits in rather well.

  4. If it bugs you, fix it. I like the different colored diagonals, it matches the fade in the rest of the quilt. But again, if you aren't happy, you'll likely always be sad you didn't fix it.

  5. I think you should fix it so you are happy. It is beautiful and I like they way it looks but since you are keeping it, it needs to make you happy when seeing it…….what’s a few more hours with the seam ripper, right ;-)

  6. Your meticulous attention to color and pattern in the stained glass project is inspiring. The dedication to perfection and your transparency in the creative process showcase true craftsmanship. Can't wait to see the final masterpiece!