Friday, September 8, 2023

Scrappy Celebration #2

Another fun group project, and now it's finished and ready to go to one of the charities PCQ supports.

This one started with leftover blocks from our first Scrappy Celebration that were too dark and bright. So Linda, Edna and I pooled our brighter scraps and made a whole 'nother set of blocks. Then we had the fun of laying them all out. I love how these blocks create random and broken diagonal chains. 

There are a lot of prints in this version, both in the bright colors and in the low volume backgrounds. Busy, but in a cheerful way. 

Wanda, you might recognize some of the fabrics from a set of 5" squares you sent me years ago for kids' charity quilts. Thank you.

I like how many different low volume prints we have here, too, as well as white-on-white.

Edna and I had time reserved on the long arm last week, so we were able to quilt one of her veteran's quilts and this one. It's faster with two people working together. She used a panto on hers, and I FMQ'd an allover meander on this one in lime green thread. The backing is a green floral, sorry no pic. For the binding, I had just enough in my stash of a hot pink, perfect with both the front and the back. 

This will go to one of the charities that needs twin bed size quilts. It finished at about 63 x 90". 
Scrappy Celebration 2

Just for comparison, here's our first Scrappy Celebration:

We have a third one in the works, in patriotic colors, but it's on hold while we work on other higher priority projects with deadlines. 

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  1. I just love both of these quilts, and yes I recognize those squares. I'm glad you found a use for them. You are going to make some kids very happy.

  2. What a fun quilt. Although it is light and bright, the randomness and pops of color remind me of fireflies as night closes in.

  3. Fun, fun, fun! I’m sure there will be a happy recipient for Scrappy Celebration #2!

  4. Very bright, bold and fun! Someone is really going to love that quilt.

  5. I love the bright and bold on this one - so fun to see in different variations!!!