Friday, May 17, 2024


 The girls in the hive finished the second of the Scrappy Batik quilts, the warm one, as well as the cool one we finished earlier. We showed them both at PCQ's meeting Monday night. We don't have a photo of then both together, but here are separate photos of the finished quilts.

The warm version finishes at 72 x 99" because we got carried away and made too many blocks, so this one is twin bed size with a pillow tuck. 

The cool one finishes at 72 x 90".

Both versions will be donated to Magdalene House, one of the charities PCQ supports that needs twin bed size quilts. 

After making these, we're taking a break from Scrappy Celebration blocks. Edna has a new project for us. Here's a preview: 

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  1. Oh, hate to choose between cool and warm (hot)…..but I’m leaning toward cool being my favorite! I’m sure you’re glad to move on to something new. I can’t remember, did you make a scrappy celebration in a neutral and one color? I’m toying with that idea.

  2. They are both stunning! I can't even decide which I like best.

  3. Those are both gorgeous quilts. Are they from a pattern or you just made blocks as you went? I think it's great that one of them came out large enough for a twin size quilt. It will allow for more possibilties.

  4. Both quilts turned out beautifully! Someone will be very lucky to get either.

  5. They're both beautiful -- it is really effective to see them next to one another.

  6. Those are both so pretty - I like the way you split the blocks!