Monday, July 8, 2024

New Project on My Design Wall

Tired of seeing Road Trip on my design wall? Yeah, me too. Now that it's in one piece I've taken it down, although it needs a couple of fixes. With the design wall empty and available, I could lay out some projects that I'm prepping to take to social sewing or retreat. 

For social sewing on Wednesdays, I'll work on the PCQ community service project for July-August. We're using the large Friendship Star pattern again to make kits. Someone recently gave a generous donation of black and white fabrics; our chair passed them to me and asked me to do something with them. Since the pattern relies on strong value contrast, black and white prints will work well. I supplemented with a few pieces from my own stash and a quarter yard from a neighbor (thanks, Linda). I couldn't resist adding a bright red accent! 

Here are the black and white pieces laid out on my wall. This will be a twin bed size quilt when finished. Since I took this photo I swapped the placement of a few squares, but I didn't take a new photo. You get the idea.

The pattern as written is much scrappier to take advantage of the very random fabric stash the club has. The pattern has an alternating block layout, but if I can change up the layout to make it more striking in the black and white version, I might as well, right? 

I'll take the pieces off the wall and package them up into blocks, numbered and labeled so I can work on them as time permits at social sewing. My hive friends and I are also working on a couple of other things at social sewing, one of which has a deadline of next week, so these blocks may not get attention until later in the month, but at least they'll be ready to go when I need them. 

The Friendship Star pattern is one of the Free Charity Quilt Patterns on the tab above. While these patterns were designed to be kitted up for PCQ Community Service sew days, I'm offering the patterns for any charitable purpose. If you would like a PDF of Scrappy Friendship Stars, leave a comment and be sure to type your email address within the text of the comment so I can send it to you. 

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  1. Oh, the pop of red really is delightful. That looks like it will be fast and fun to put together!

  2. Love the scrappy friendship stars also looks great in the B&W version with that pop of a red one;))) hugs, Julierose

  3. I love the red star! I meant to ask where the donations of fabric come from. Color is everything, isn’t it?

  4. I'm a fan of Friendship Stars and have used it frequently. I would love to add this quilt pattern to my collection of charity quilts. brsinstitches @ Thanks for sharing.

  5. Quiltdivajulie - your Friendship Stars just might be a solution to my current dilemma (today's post) for a box full of autumn fabrics. I love the black and white (with one red) version! I would like a copy of the pdf, please.

  6. Very nice pattern. I am working with a new quilter and this seems like an easy pattern. Thank you for sharing.

  7. The black and white really jazzes up the simple stars. The red accent adds a bit of fun. It's going to be a good project to work on when you want to socialize while you stitch.